Thursday, August 18, 2011


There is a blank page staring back at me....we all know this doesn't happen very often ;o) I haven't had much to say, and I haven't been much fun to be around this week. I also haven't had any desire to put my misery on display, as it felt like the same stuff...different day.

I think I am almost over it though, so I will be back really soon!

I did however miss you guys! Thank you for checking in on us ❤ I have never been away this long, and I have to admit, it's kind of strange. I suppose it's what I needed though ; )

Maybe I saved it all up, and will dish it all out this next week....

Uh oh.

You better run.

Take cover.

Just kidding.

Kind of.


  1. I've been thinking a lot about you the last few days with all the back to school stuff being talked about. I'm praying for more progress and maybe school someday for Aviana. <3

  2. I'm so sorry. I wish I had something comforting to say but alas, all I have is potty talk (heehee). FYI, no baked potato but a loooooong zucchini. Sorry, couldn't resist. Hope I made you stop crying for a nanosecond.

    Love you very much.

  3. I know those days. "This too shall pass." I think what always pulls me out of a funk before I get to that dark dark place is that even though my daughter is non-verbal and can't ask me what is wrong, it is written all over my face and the tension, sadness and depression is almost palpable. I never for one millisecond ever want her feel that it is because of her. So *snap* funk over. Like magic- sort of. Sometimes ya gotta fake it til ya make it. "Time to get myself back in gear and do what I do best!" I know you know that feeling. I'm Jeannie blinking your funk away. Come on sister, I just started following this ramble of yours and now I want more! ;P

    Holding your family in the light. You're in my thoughts.

  4. U have every right to feel what ur feeling. The pain doesn't go away no matter how much we try to hide. I have a cerebral palsy daughter who is three and half years old. We hoped the therapies would have helped her but I don't see much improvement. I feel exhausted, emotionally and physically. I can't even enjoy going to get togethers because everyone else is happy. Thank you for sharing, your daughter is a cutie pie. I hope for a better tomorrow for u.

  5. Thinking about you and missing your stories! Hang in there!

  6. I've been thinking about you guys with Aviana's birthday coming and going. Which reminds me...we have some ridiculous squash in the garden right now. I've seriously been neglecting my garden. I'm sure that was an inside joke above...but I have a serious squash problem. I've already given a bunch to unsuspecting neighbors and family. ;)

  7. awww i HAVE missed your face!

    hope you are ready to dish this week......i'm ready!

    i made my trip to chico this w/e....but it did not go according to MY PLANS, so i wasn't able to do what i wanted (which included calling you)

    i am thinking about a trip to lincoln to see my auntie.....that's in your general direction too right? i'll keep you posted!

    <3 <3 ~j