Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Say It's Your Birthday...Or Not

I have always gotten really excited about giving gifts. I can barely contain myself, and can never wait until Christmas, or their birthday, or Father's Day, or whatever the occasion may be. If I have it, it is very well burning a hole in my closet, or wherever it is located. My mom is the exact same way, and while I always laugh at her when she gives me a Christmas present in the middle of summer, it turns out, I am the same as her in the gift giving realm!

Dave's birthday is not until September 8th, but his present arrived last week. I wrapped it right when it got here, and made him open it once he got home from work.  He always tries to object, and early on, he used to stand his ground, but I think he has gotten just plain tired of the, "Puuu-lease, please, please just open it, come on, please just this once, just open it" fight. I also explained it was from Rainey and Aviana, so it doesn't count.

Rainey helped was really cute.

Notice the lick marks on it ;o)


  1. Our husband's have NO chance do they SS?

    Nope. Nun at all :)

    (awesome present there girl :)

  2. haha, that it a great gift! Rainey definatley approved!

  3. You are so AWFUL! :) It is an awesome gift though! I love it!