Friday, August 26, 2011

The Attack of the Flesh Eating Child

Last Saturday we were sitting around the house and there was a knock at the door. It was our first nurse Michelle and her baby Mila. She stopped by to visit and to give Aviana a birthday present. We had spent Michelle's entire pregnancy with her, but strangely had never met her baby, who was now 8 months old.  It was so nice to see them, and her baby is absolutely adorable!!

I thought it was really cute that Mila was so up close and personal with Aviana.

Then, we realized why... Mila was snacking on Aviana's hair!

She kept going in for seconds.

And thirds :o)

I think Aviana was wondering what the heck she was doing, but was still enjoying her company.

She happily obliged once again.

Upon pulling Mila off, Aviana's hair was soaking wet. It was too funny!

Aviana looks like she is wondering if Rainey's got her back...I mean her hair?

Aviana was pissed when she realized that Rainey didn't.

She looks so sweet and innocent...

but then she went from a hair hoarding child to a flesh eating one ; )

Mila decided Rainey was to be her next endeavor.

Hey little Mila want to play?

Rainey is not used to children that can move. The two of them were so cute together, and I couldn't stop taking pictures. I am not used to the 'actions' of a child anymore either...

Doesn't she look unbelievably sweet?

She is actually quite devious : ) Her mom has since gotten her a muzzle ; )

After looking at all those pictures, I couldn't help but remember all the good times these two used to have together...

They were partners in crime.

In every way possible.

Yes, that is a Post It note in her hair.

She had previously been up to no good :o)

Do you see her little Lamby on the table. He was her all time favorite.

I sure do miss these two. The hole they each have left will never heal.


  1. These pictures are ADORABLE- all of them. Aviana must have thought this baby was crazy! But I bet she loved it. :)
    And those pictures of Aviana and Kama are so precious... melts my heart.

  2. Those first pics of Rainey looks like she's wanting in on some of the action! And what kind of conditioner do you use on Aviana's hair? It looks delicious!
    Those pics are precious of Avi and Kama. They hurt my heart. I have pics like that of Christian and it doesn't hurt me so much to look at them but rather it feels like I'm reminiscing on a child who has passed.

    This is my new way of looking at things - when the accident happened, their little spirit was off to heaven. But for some reason, unknown to us and only known by God - that secret keeper - their little spirit turned back around and decided to stay. BUT it split up into a million little pieces. And some stayed in their broken little bodies but the other parts were dispersed all around us like fairy dust. It's in the breathtaking sunsets, it's in the spirit of their little sister, or in the spunk of their Rainey.

    That's just my thought for our little ones.

    Peace and love.

  3. i am so glad you shared these pictures.....

    avi was very patient with the devious miss mila!! ..... shame on rainey for not having her back (hair?!) she better sleep with one eye open for a while - i feel aviana might want retribution! 80)

    the pictures of avi & kama are truly precious....i can see how much fun they had together - truly partners in crime! <3

  4. I love pictures of dogs and babies together! So sweet! I guess Aviana got some one of a kind stimulation with whole hair eating baby! Too cute!