Thursday, August 25, 2011

Heartache Hangover

I've had some serious hangovers in my life. I have never had one that even came close to this kind though. A hangover of the heart is pretty sobering! The clincher is, you never even had a good time, so the consequences are not worth the suffering ; ( It's just agony in its purest form!

I feel like I was hit by a truck last week, and as if the impact was not quite enough, I was then run over a few more times. Hmmmm.....maybe that was not the best analogy to use in our situation, but I think I'll leave it :o) I'm sure Gary and Aviana would beg to differ. If Avi were sitting over here with me, she would probably make me eat my words. "Oh really? You think that felt like getting hit by a car? You're so over a few more times? Let me tell you a few things Mom..." Yes, she calls me Mom when she's really upset with me!

Anyway, it has taken me until today to finally feel good again. I am so thankful, because the way I was living these past days was miserable.


  1. Thinking about you Jen and sorry you have had such an awful few weeks! I loved the pictures you posted - Avi is as beautiful as always!

  2. Ok, I love you even more for using that analogy! Only you would/could make a joke about something so horrible and I love you for it!!! I know it's because it's so horrific you HAVE to joke about it sometimes.

    Love you.

  3. Sounds like the title for a new country song. Are you reading this, Gary Allan?


  4. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better! Sending my love and hugs!

  5. ....better is a good thing!


    this will be a good week.
    i feel it