Tuesday, August 9, 2011

He's Magical

While I went to counseling, my Uncle Roger took Aviana and Rainey to the park the other day. He showed me these pictures when I got home, and I couldn't believe my eyes. If I pulled this stunt on Aviana she would have been so mad at me. If I put her directly on the grass and on her stomach, she would have given me the business.

She is the perfect little angel for her Uncle Roger. He is a calming, and constant force in her life. When he holds her, she melts into him. He truly brings out the best in her...every time!

I can't get over how tall she is, and just imagine what she would be like running around at this height?

Asleep? Directly on the grass? Asleep...


  1. awesome!!!
    THREE CHEERS for Uncle Roger!!!!

    ahem, jen...i guess u know who ur go-to guy is when u REALLY WANT aviana to do something...... :)

    (p.s. what fun pictures!)

  2. Uncle Roger seriously rocks. I want an Uncle Roger in my life. SOMEONE needs to calm me down!

    Seriously...ain't it just so weird when your kids are PERFECT for other people but give you the hassles?

    This happens, especially, with our Tye. He is an ANGEL for his favorite babysitters...not always for us!


  3. How CUTE!!!! Hope therapy was good!

  4. Funny how the grass at the park is always cooler than the grass in the backyard.