Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Aviana Who?

I know all parents have nicknames for their kids, but I think it's gotten way out of control around here.  It's to the point where I am not so sure Aviana knows her own name anymore. This is just a small sample of what it sounds like around here ~ 

Kee Kee

Koo Koo


Miki Feek

Miki Fiki

Miki Head

Kee Kee Miki

Dee Kee

Meeks Keek

Sweet Potato Pie

Muffin Head


Keeks Meeks

Miki Mooko

Mook Mook


Meeks Feeks

Fiki Head

Boo Boo

Boo Bear

Boo Boo Head

Shadoo Shadoo

Shadoobie Head

Avi Bear

Bear Bear

I can't imagine why she would be confused....


  1. Hsin has a list too...Hsin-Hsin, Hsin-Splint, Girlfriend, Homegirl, Bug, Lovebug, Peanut, Buddy...But my Cat Lily has the MOST...Lily the Pooh, Lilard, Liler-Bell, Lily-Bell, Lilith, Lil, Babaganoush, Joey, Joey-cat, Loey, Loey-Toes, Joey Fat-Cat, Joey Cat-Cat, Shmoo, Le Chat, El Gatto Diablo...I'm sure there are more over the years, but that is all I can remember. Nicknames are awesome!!! Especially the ones that make no sense and have nothing to do with their actual name!

  2. Atleast you didnt' list your dog's name...lol All three of my boys have a nickname list a mile long...and then I call then by their brothers names right down the list through all three ofthe dogs...lol. Thanks for the smiles today...Hope you are smiling as well. Take care and God bless you!

  3. Funny! Mia has about 5. You've got me beat!

  4. dang - a - lang never heard of so many!!!

    What's with the "kee kee" ?? R U all Hawaiian er sumthin'? smile