Friday, April 29, 2011

Momma Goose

Canadian geese are my favorite!!! I love everything about them, especially the way they sound as they fly across the sky! I will literally stop whatever it is I am doing to watch them.

In fact, I will dig up some old pictures to show you just how much I have always loved them. Gosh, I haven't thought about those pictures in a long time. A great friend of mine, Jessica Cohelan, took those pictures of the goose, and I ;o)

Anyway, today I stumbled across these pictures on a 'crafty' blog I follow. She took these beautiful pictures of a momma goose, and her 6 little babies. I smiled from east to west when I saw these.

I hope they brighten your day!!


  1. I love mama birds with their babies. They're so cute huddled under their mama's wings. :)

  2. They fly over our house all of the time. We always stop and stare. Today I almost hit one walking across the street. I didn't, don't worry. :) They are amazing how they fly in a V. I Love it!