Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How Sweet She Is

I was worried Rainey would get a hold of Dora, and rip her head off. I have been meticulous in protecting Aviana's belongings lately. The other night, I accidentally left Dora out. Unprotected. Overnight.

Rainey has a habit of burying her bones all over the house, in corners, under pillows, behind plants, under couch cushions, beneath blankets, you name it!

The morning after I unknowingly left Dora out, I heard Rainey digging around in the living room chair. I figured she had found one of her bones, and was busy burying it. As I got closer, I quickly realized who was in the chair with her. It was Dora. I thought, "Oh no, Avi is going to kill me when she discovers Dora lost an arm, or her head."

I knew exactly how I left her the night before, and it wasn't under a blanket. Rainey had been working hard at covering Dora with the blanket. She must have thought she was cold.

Here I was, so worried about her, and all she wanted to do was take care of her.

I can't get enough of this doggy. She is my sunshine!

Avi says, "Thanks Rainey, you're not so bad after all!"


  1. That is so adorable!!!!
    What a loving and protective pup!!!

  2. Thank you Jen for always putting a smile on my face. This is the sweetest story and pic I have seen...what a special dog for a very special family. I love it. Thanks for the smiles. God Bless you and your family!

  3. Absolutely precious. You have a wonderful pup. I love seeing the pictures you post of your family. Everyone is so beautiful. The pet pictures with your daughter are amazing. Rainey is so loving with Aviana and gentle. Kama was the same way with your beautiful little girl. Love reading your blog & reading your amazing story. You are a strong woman who is doing an amazing job taking care of her family. \


  4. Good dog! She's a keeper!


  5. That's just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen :)
    What a good dog!