Friday, April 29, 2011

Here Goosey

When I was in Junior College, there was a Momma Goose temporarily living at our school. She was waiting for her babies to be born. She was there morning, noon, and night. I would absolutely shriek the moment we pulled into the school, and I caught sight of her, or her baby daddy.

Daddy Goose was always close by, and would often times cruise the grass looking for food. I have a habit of always wanting to feed every species possible, so I brought a bag of bread to school one day. Jessica had her camera, so here are the pictures from the way back machine.

Proof that geese turn me cheese ball in one second flat!

These aren't all of them either, there are a bunch more.

My good friend Jessica and I.

Back in the days of minimal responsibility :o)

Jess ~ I hope you don't mind ;o)


  1. Jenn -

    Do DUCKS make you cheesy too? If so, prepared to be cheesy on my blog over the next month :)

    We just started the incubation period for 3 Cayuga ducks :) You CAN incubate and "grow" a goose too. I guess you could do that in all your spare time...eyeroll...

    Maybe after the ducks, I'll incubate a goose for ya? Now THAT would be a grand blog prize...

    "Best Overall Blog" = "Avaianareese"...Prize? A goose. ;)

    ((luv the cheesin'))

  2. Great pictures! You look so happy! There is something so special about feeding wild animals and having that connection to nature. Thanks for sharing the old time photos. :)

  3. Wow what a blast from the past! When you wrote how you used to squeal at the sight of those geese, that sound came ringing back to my ears!! I never mind you posting about me or those memories. Boy oh boy I remember those minimal responsibility days...

    Love you,