Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wine, Cheese & Fire??

On the fourth day of our trip we arrived back at the hotel after a long day in class. We opened the door and there before us was a huge box addressed to us. I tore the box open to find a gigantic gift basket complete with three bottles of wine, crackers, cheese, etc. I opened the card and it was from Dave and Kim Kennedy. Dave and I stood there and started at each other in amazement. They had already gone to great lengths to make this trip possible and we had a beautiful gift basket to boot!

Dave and Kim~ Thank you so much!

Roger, Rella, Dave and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the contents within, especially the wine!

Funny story- One night we stayed up late drinking wine and snacking on the cheese and crackers. Finally, we all decided to go to bed. We got ready for bed and at about 1am the fire alarm went off throughout the entire hotel. We had to bundle up and run outside into the freezing cold Philadelphia/December air. Thankfully, I told Dave to grab the keys before we ran down. We all sat in the car and watched as the fire trucks and police officers arrived. They did their thing and not too long later we were able to go back into the hotel.

I have to say the funniest part of the story is still to come.... My aunt was asleep and thought the sound was her new L.L. Bean alarm clock. She kept trying to turn it off and since it wouldn't, she started to beat it on the nightstand :o)

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