Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glenn Doman

When you see him, tears form within your eyes. As he speaks, those formed tears have no choice but to spill over. There, sitting before you is the very man who holds the keys to unlock your child. The child who is trapped within. The child who is just dying to bust out from the confines of her very own little body.

This man is a true gift from God. He is a jewel to all brain injured children and their parents. He is insanely smart, but his true beauty lies within his humble, kind nature. He is a man who can admit his failures. He is also a man who has learned greatly from his various trials and errors. He is a person who radiates from within when speaking of his accomplishments and success. His success is not measured in terms of status or financial security. His success is determined by the children he makes well. This is what makes his world go round.

I happen to think that my husband is one of the smartest people I have ever met. I am always amazed by the fact that he has brains, a great personality AND the perfect sense of humor. It seems more likely (or even fair :o) that when someone is extremely smart, something else has to fall by the wayside, namely personality or sense of humor.

I happen to think it is more of a rarity to find a person with all of these characteristics rolled up into one being. Glenn Doman is such a person. He has a charming wit about him and I enjoyed every moment of his presentations. His children taught majority of the lecture series and it was apparent that his teaching style rubbed off on both of them! It is a strange, wonderful feeling to be in the presence of people who see what you see. They look into the eyes of these kids and see intelligence and above all potential.

The Doman Family: Glenn Doman, his wife Katy of 65 years, his daughter Janet and his son Douglas. Oh, and us too :o) ** Notice us all bundled up in the freezing cold auditorium. ** Note to self: holes in the knees let cold air in more easily!

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  1. Aw!!!! We have a very similar picture but with Susan in it too. I feel the very same way about Glenn. He is a true American hero to me.