Saturday, December 26, 2009


We decided to go downtown Friday night after class. I am not much of a city person, but I loved this particular one. I thought it was so beautiful. These are just a few of my favorite pictures. I had never had a Philly Cheese Steak, but I thought to myself, "When in as the Philains do!" We had asked many people where to go and they all recommended "Geno's." We drove up, got a parking space almost right in front *strange.* We walked up, there was no one in line *strange.* We ordered, we watched them put a "cheez whiz" like substance on our sandwich *strange.* We chowed the sandwich down and both agreed it was nothing like we thought it might be. To be honest, we were both disappointed! Maybe we went to the wrong place. Next time we will find another place.


  1. You should have gone to Pat's (right across the street from Geno's). Sorry...I thought I mentioned it in a comment that I posted...but maybe you didn't see it in time. :-(

  2. You just need to go to any small Italian pizzeria and order a will get the real thing for sure. I grew up in that area and I do not know anyone who ever went to Pat's or Geno's. My husband owns a pizzeria and his cheesesteaks ROCK...just ask my extra 25 pounds I've been carrying around since I met him almost 10 years ago:) Real cheesesteaks don't come with Cheez Whiz:)