Thursday, September 24, 2009

She's Back

Yesterday, Highly Emotional Girl returned with a vengeance. It all started with the Kaiser Pharmacy. I was about to lose my mind with them. Since Aviana’s release the world of prescriptions has been a total mess and a constant battle.

In dealing with the pharmacy, and all other wonderful entities involved in the brain injury world, I suddenly felt the walls closing in on me, I was suffocating, no longer able to breathe. It all came down to one moment. I lost it.

My poor mom got the entire wrath of everything thrown in her lap all at once. I went on and on for about an hour. There was no stopping me once I got started. Within one hour, Highly Emotional Girl morphed into all kinds of different people. I could create an extensive list of characters, but I will spare you the crazy details.

Bottom line: I can’t stand watching Aviana go through the struggles she has but no choice to endure!! This sweet, precious little girl will be climbing an uphill battle for the rest of her life.

Venting ~ what a wonderful thing at times!


  1. Welcome back, Highly Emotional Girl! Seems like it's been a while!!

    My advice on the world of medicine and the pharmacy, as with my advice for many must become one with the system...EMBRACE it!! (it's kind of like "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em").

    And I know YOU know my feelings about advice from people who don't know what you're going through!! Smack me if you want! It might make you feel better! =)



  2. Im so sorry you and your husband and Aviana have to go through this. Im sure there are days its unbearable. I sure hope you have good days and can imbrace those days. On your bad days vent all you want to us because we are here to listen and to support you!! My thoughts and prayers are with your famly everyday. Mindy

  3. We all have hormonal imbalance days and those days it is hard to take things we can put up with otherwise. Please do feel free to vent. Still praying for strength for all of you. V's Grama

  4. Jenn, I am glad you let yourself let out some steam. It is necessary to do it every so often or we will explode.
    Highly emotional girl may become your best friend.
    Susan W.

  5. you've got to do it, it is not possible to hold it all in and the wonderful moms always get it, but thats whats great about being loved unconditional, they know you and love you and isn't it wonderful to have someone to vent to that won't judge you.

  6. I know it must seem like an uphill battle now, but I pray that she will be making strides every step of the way that will get her eventually close to where she was before. Be are doing a magnificent job. I am so impressed and amazed. You are all truly an inspiration. Kids are stronger than we think and your little one has proven that already. She will only be getting better. take care of yourself too. And it is normal for you to freak out. I am still cheering and praying on the sidelines.

  7. Vent, vent, vent and drink wine, wine, wine!!! You may feel thi way for a long time, and then it will come and go as the hills will become fewer and farther between. Highly Emotional Girl...who isn't?????

  8. With all that you've gone through, you have the right to vent. You're lucky your mom was there to listen. Hang in there!

  9. Oh Jen, my heart goes out to you. It's always a struggle no matter their age. With our 24 year old we often still feel that but know that deep down there is some inner peace and once the frustration is released for a time, you will see things differently. There are always "stages" and as a parent, you just keep plucking along doing all you can and doing what the best is that you're able to provide. Blessings so much to such a beautiful family.

  10. It's okay to cry sometimes, especially to your mom! You have every reason to just let it out and have a good cry. You and Dave are such good parents and have big, loving circle of family and friends around you. Avi is making such amazing progress.

    Sometimes it helps to send someone else to deal with the pharmacy drama. We went through it this week because our plan suddenly decided it didn't want to cover a medication I've been on for a year. I totally would have broken down and cried in front of everyone in the pharmacy, but luckily Adam took care of it.

  11. Jen, I know how you feel. You guys have been dealt a horrible hand. Something, no child should ever have to endure!! You deserve your meltdowns. It's extremely hard at times to take care of a special needs child. I only survive by cherishing the small things in life - a look that only your baby can give you. And try to take things minute by minute. Sending you big hugs!! Hang in there girl - you're an awesome momma!!

  12. Don't despair, you're being human and that's a great sign. We cannot reasonably expect to be super strong and perfectly "anything" during times of high impact emotional stress. And oh does this qualify! To vent, to let yourself go and express what you need to - it means you're surviving, you're processing, you're making it through the worst of it. My heart, hopes, and prayers go out to you and Aviana and your whole family. "Hope is the best part of our riches." ~Christian Nevell Bovee