Sunday, September 20, 2009

Calling All Bloggers

When time allows, I would love to be able to comment back to you!

To all of my experienced bloggers out there: what is the best way to do this? I have tried to reply to the e-mail I receive and that has not worked.

Thank you!


  1. Click on the name of the blogger from your blog and it should take you to their page; you can comment in their page but make sure you go through all the steps, it usually asks for some verification input (random #'s and letters) and then you should be good--wait till it says, your comments are saved, or something like that. There might be an easier way as I don't claim to be experienced, but I know that is how I do it :)

    smile and continued support Jen !!

  2. Just like said above, click on the name of the person who commented on your blog it will bring up their profile and give the name of their blog click on it then you can go down and click on comments, and leave one, but like said sometimes its asks for a verification of words or something. On your blog, on your dashboard there is a place where you can add blogs, if you do this then everytime you get onto your blog and are on your dashboard it will show everyones newest posts that you have typede in in chronological order. If you are going to do this everytime you are starting to go to someone news blog click it onto your favorites on your computer so when you want to enter them all in you know what all the addresses are.
    So did I confuse you enough???? I remember having no clue at all as far as doing anything on my blog, do you have someone nearby who can show you, that worked best for me.

  3. Hey Jen I think that the above comments are telling you how to comment on someones blog. (I think) I don't know that there is a direct way to respond to someones comment on your own blog. I think you have to comment specifically on someones blog page. Lots of your blog commenters don't have a blogs of their own. I checked around on bloggers help page and couldn't find an answer I'm sure you've done that too. Hope you are doing well and just to go on the record I think you are an awesome mommy both now and previous to Avi's accident. We ALL make mistakes and have regrets about things we have done. Aviana knew just how much she was and IS loved and was and continues to be one lucky girl. Which I hate when people tell me how lucky Lily is cause I'm like really its me that is lucky Sometimes I think that really Lily is quite unlucky cause she could have been adopted by a much wealthier stable and functional family than my own. But it is what it is and we all including our children must deal with the hand we are dealt. That is quite enough about me what I mean to say IS... I really do think you are a fantastic mommy!

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    I so-ooooo agree with Lilysmom! You, my dear are one very precious mommy, and person. I stand amazed at how very "open" you are ... especially open to share both the good, and not so good that takes place in your own heart and life. Most folks cannot do so, or admit if they feel they have been wrong on an issue, until MUCH later in life. You are precious, and Avianna is most fortunate to have you as a mommy. I want to mention, also, there are many mommy's that have children they birthed themselves, that feel just like you do. They, at times, wonder why they don't love their children/child enough ... why they feel so angry or, at time, even trapped. You, dear one, are NOT abnormal. Feelings change like the baby's bath water being thrown out, and re-filled. Sometimes our feelings are ooey-gooey, and sometimes there is nothing but anger, or even, at times, emptiness. Please know, from my end of reading your blogs, you are full of love and compassion for Avianna, and for her well being, and SHE KNOWS IT!

    Now, to suggest something that might help regarding contacting each blogger. Perhaps, when writing, if you end your blogs with asking each one that replies to you, to end their blog with their e-mail address, it would be an easy way to locate them. Just a thought.

    If you'd like to reach me, you can find my e-mail address at my website:

    Many blessings to you, and your wonderful, loving family!

    Marcia Cava (Gary's sister-in-law)

  5. Jen, You can also post a comment within your own post just like we are doing here. Just click on past comment and follow the prompts....take good care!!

  6. Just one more thing I promise. When reading your previous post I was thinking to myself that the same strength of character that caused you two to butt heads at times and to be at times exasperated with eachother is the same strength of character that has helped you to come as far as you have. Avi to fight to come back home and you to fight right alongside her. So thank goodness for that fight in both of you. Sending my love Sarah

  7. You could copy and paste their comment into a new blog post, and leave your comment there. Going that route would allow you to comment on multiple postings at a time.

  8. Just realized that would only work for things you're wanting to comment on publicly. Blogger isn't great with the personal contact side of things. Perhaps you could have people type in their facebook name? If they include an email they should space it out so bots can't snag it for junk mail. For example: jillsfakeemail @

  9. Lots of great ideas here. I just wanted to point out that people can choose to subscribe to receive new comments by email. If they've done that, if you post a comment below theirs, they'll receive it in their inbox.

    Continuing to lift you all up!!!

    in Christ alone,
    Rich Swingle

  10. I always click "Subscribe by email" below the comment section.
    I also very often respond to comments on my own blog. The problem is that not everyone clicks to subscribe, so I put up a note on my blog asking people to click the subscribe button if they'd like to receive my replies.