Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In an Instant

While other kids wake up in the morning and go bouncing down the hall to the kitchen

~ Aviana stays in place and waits for me to come and get her.

While other kids wake up in the morning and I want oatmeal or toast

~ Aviana has Nutren Junior through a tube.

While other kids hop in the tub and happily splish splash around

~ Aviana either has a sponge bath or is assisted by Dave and me both with a bath which is miserable for her.

While other kids can get dressed and ready all by themselves

~ Aviana has to struggle just to help me to lift her arm.

While other kids get ready for a fun filled day of preschool

~ Aviana has a day of grueling physical therapy.

While other kids contemplate if they want peanut butter and jelly or pasta for lunch

~ Aviana has Nutren Junior through a tube.

While other kids can go to the park and swing until their hearts delight

~ Aviana can sit and watch if she chooses to.

While other kids choose between a banana and goldfish crackers for a snack

~ Aviana has Nutren Junior through a tube.

While other kids play endlessley with all of their toys

~ Aviana is forced to try to play with them during therapy.

While other kids can rough house with their best doggie

~ Aviana, with help, can pet Kama.

While other kids can decide if they want chicken or fish for dinner

~ Aviana has Nutren Junior through a tube.

While other kids have a yummy treat after dinner

~ Aviana has water through a tube.

While other kids excitedly choose a story before bedtime and help to read it

~ Aviana has a story read to her and I think cries out, because there is some distant memory of Frog & Toad.

While other kids squirm around to find their most comfortable position in bed

~ Aviana is put in what we think is most comfortable for her.

While other kids wake up in the middle of the night numerous times to reposition themselves and their blankets

~ Aviana makes a little cry and I come running to adjust, assist or just give her some much needed love.

It’s weird to think that just 106 short days ago, Aviana was that other kid! Life can change in an instant, appreciate every moment!


  1. It's so heartbreaking. It really is. I remember how much that hurt, watching my little girl struggle and how I felt so helpless. And comparing her to others, even to her "old" self, and feeling so angry about it. And that feeling inside of wanting to scream IT'S NOT FAIR!!! at the top of my lungs.

    I cannot WAIT until your appointment at the Institutes!! They will help YOU help her to get her better!!

    Hang in there:) I know it's hard.


  2. I totally agree. So many of us take life for granted. We should appreciate and cherish every day that we have with our children because none of us really know what tomorrow will really hold. Thank you for writing every part of your experience with us. It truely makes me look at life in a different light. My prayers are with you.

  3. I am continuing the prayers for you!!

  4. I know Aviana feels all your love.

  5. Praying for all of you. And trying my best not to take each and every day for granted.
    Phyllis & Kristen in OKC

  6. I am crying for you both. I admire you so much!!