Monday, October 29, 2012

This is Your Life

This is your life.

You only have one.

You survived.

But since you are unable.

We are able.

All of us who love you,

Help make your life the best we can.

Every chance he gets,

Daddy snuggles you close.

He loves being with you.

He has this habit.

He stops mid-whatever to say, "Look, isn't she beautiful?"

Honey, I could't have dreamed a better dad for you.

I'm not sure how we got so lucky, but I'm thankful we did.

I do wish,

Oh how I wish,

You could speak up to set him straight on who your real favorite...

Basketball team,

And football team are.

And what your political views really are!

And Nana,

Oh that Nana.

How she loves singing to you,

Making up the words as she goes.

No honey,

I don't know what she's saying either.

We'll just go with it,

Because it's adorable.

She's adorable.

And although she sweetly begs and pleads for you to do this or that,

We all know she above everyone else,

Loves you just the way you are.

And do we ever tire of hearing her tell you just how beautiful you are?


Because I have never heard it done with that much enthusiasm,

Have you?

Yes, maybe from Papa.

You're right.

They tie for the,

Scream it from the rooftops,

"Avi, you're so beautiful!" competition.

Now Papa.

He's just straight up, and flat out crazy cakes.

And you,

You just love pushing his buttons,

Until they break.

All the while,

Driving him fruit.

But you know why he goes out of his mind

Don't you?

Because he loves you from the deepest place,

A place he never knew existed.

That is...

Until you came along.

And that place scares him to the core.

You do that baby.

And every single week,

Your Uncle Roger.

The love he feels for you.

The love he's always felt for you.

The purest, warmest, and most genuine.

A reciprocal, indescribable, love.

You melt with your Uncle Roger.

Not only does he take the time to love,

But to read,

To go to the park,

To go on walks,

To get you out, and about!

And we can never forget your Rainey Day.

The girl who jumps at the chance to...

Get her sissy pants ready for the day,

And 'help' her eat,

And walk her to the bus,

And greet her home from the bus,

And give her love, hugs, and kisses throughout the day,

And who loyally lays by her side....always!

There are a million other people who love and adore you,

I could go on forever,

All our family and friends...

Who help with your therapy,

Your doctors,

Your teachers,

The list goes on,

But I will end with me ~

Your Momma.

We took you on a date yesterday,

To the movies and lunch.

I'm happy we did.

You sat on my lap through the whole movie.

And in those moments,

There's nowhere else I'd rather been.

I breathed the smell of your hair,

I played with each, and every, of your ten tiny fingers.

I felt the air rising and falling from your lungs.

Breaths we lost on the street that day,

Only to be found again.

And in those moments,

As the movie rolled,

I held you tight,

And all was right.

For in that dark theater,

With tears streaming down my face,

I hugged you close,

And thought...

My sweet girl ~

This is your life,

You only have one.

You survived.

And just because you can't,

We can.

Without a word,

We all help to make yours,

The best,

Most loving,

Life you have.


  1. Beautiful, Jen. And she is beautiful. Of course, I am biased, since four of our kids are Guatemalan. Avi is a much loved and cherished little beauty. She reminds us all how precious life is. It's not what we are able to contribute to society, how rich and famous, talented, or popular we are that makes us valuable, but the fact that we are created in God's image, each with a purpose. Avi and her precious life have a definite purpose. Though we are sad for what she isn't able to do, reading your blog convinces us that she is able to do much... to be the object of so much love and caring.
    Nancy in the Midwest

  2. Made me cry...damn hormones! I ♥ you all :^)

  3. You are so amazing Jen. Your family and friends are so amazing. Avi is so lucky in so many ways. Sending hugs!

  4. As I re-read this for the fourth time, I can't help but think what a good team you all are and how much love is in your family. This isn't the life you wished for, but you've made it a beautiful life never-the-less and so many of us have learned from you.


  5. Just thought of you guys for some reason. Love you all!