Monday, October 15, 2012

Socks For The Homeless

We are blessed with one of the most amazing, and loving homeless shelters. They are called Loaves and Fishes and are located in Sacramento. My Uncle Roger once took a week off of work and volunteered with this organization. Yes, that's the kind of person he is. He said it was one of the most humbling weeks. My uncle is the reason I have become so connected with these people, they truly are a gift. 

Well right now they are running a sock drive, because if you are homeless - you walk a lot and it's essential that your feet stay clean and dry! 

If you happen to be local and want to help...

A holiday party is a great way to raise socks! 
You can charge everybody at least one new white, warm, sturdy pair, per person, as admission for entry!

Even if you're not having a party. 
Hijack one, or three! I wasn't having a Halloween party this year, but was going to two and knew of another. I asked all three parties if they could please charge socks for admission. They all agreed! Woo Hoo!! I'm going to collect them all up, and deliver them. Thank you party people!

Announce it on your blog
Like so : )

Send out an email to all your peeps
My friend Sara sent an email to her whole contact list, and is collecting tons of socks.

Go door to door
Ha ha...that was a joke. I mean you can, but that was meant to make you laugh!

Deliver the goods
Once the socks are raised, you can bring them to me, or deliver them to:
1351 North C Street, Sacramento, Ca 95811 by November 19th

No really, if you happen to not be local, and are as passionate about socks for the homeless as I am...I feel compelled to give an address here. I know you have your very own local homeless shelters and all, but just in case : )

I love these people so much, as you may remember...these are the ones we delivered all the Krispy Kreme donuts to on Christmas Eve as one of the very best parts of Aviana's Elves. 

So, if you'd like to send socks for me to hand deliver by November 14th...

Socks For the Homeless
c/o David Hodder
10308 Placer Ln. Ste. 100
Sacramento, Ca 95827

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  1. What an awesome idea! But....don't leave us hanging about SeƱor Fish!!! Is he dead or alive?