Monday, October 15, 2012

A Fighter for a Fighter

I think my fish might be dead. I really think so this time. Now I've said this before, maybe many times, but this time, I think Señor Fish Face has sadly passed away.

I have so many emotions attached to Señor, probably more than any one person should. But if I explain, maybe you'll see where my fish fixation comes from.

You may remember, I was out shopping for Aviana's 3rd birthday party decorations when the accident happened. So as it turns out, we took some of those decorations and had a very different celebration while still in the hospital.

Dave's brother Rob, one of my very favorite people on this earth, arrived at the party. He handed us a Chinese Fighting Fish and said, "a fighter for a fighter."

And there you have the very reason Señor means so much to me. For the past year, I have seriously thought he was dead so many times! I think with all that has happened to us in such a short period of time, I just might be a little shaken...down to my gills ; )  Just sometimes guys. I'm not a freak. Only when he is lying on the bottom of the bowl.

But seriously, I can't tell you how many times this conversation, or one like it, has happened in our house over this past year....

Jen: Dave! Señor is dead!!!!

Dave: He's not dead, he's sleeping.

Jen: No. Come here. He's dead this time, I can tell! He looks different.

Dave: Honey, how many times have we been through this?

Jen: I know, but this time is different. I'm going to shake him. (I used to shake instantly)

Dave: Don't. You always shake him out of his sleep and then feel guilty for waking him up.

Jen: I know, but I'm scared. (I shake the bowl and he swims around like who, what, where)

Jen: I feel SO baaaadddddd for waking him up!! He was sleeping!!

Dave: How many times are we going to go through this?

Jen: I know, but I was scared. Why does he have to sleep on his side like that?

Jen: Senor, why do you do that? You scare me baby. I'm sorry I woke you...again. Here's some food.

Dave is at work right now, and I'm scared to go over to the bowl. I resisted my normal urge to give him a little bump, as I always do feel so bad when I wake him from his fish face slumber. Who really ever wants to be woken up like that? And I mean really, how beautiful is it that a fish likes to take a mid morning nap too : ) I just wish he didn't look dead while doing it, but hey ~ I'm not a fish, and I don't know what it takes.

Señor is very old. We looked up the life expectancy of a fish of this sort, and he is a senior, and I don't mean a Señor. All I have to say is, he is a part of our family and I love him very much, and we will miss him when he's gone, but he will forever remain a fighter for a fighter.


  1. We have a fighting fish too and I think he's dead just about every day!! Then I go to feed him and I think I've probably startled him into a heart attack. But he's hanging on just like Senor!!

  2. Aww, now I just read why he means so much.nagain sorry