Monday, October 22, 2012

Hodder Happenings

Thank you so much for sharing in my excitement about Aviana's video. I was so sad for those who couldn't view it. I'm sorry. I had a feeling that would happen for some. Before posting, I tried to put it in a different format, but was unable : (

I just wanted to say, after all this time...thank you for still being here for us.

I'm excited to say ~ I have Aviana's Elves just about all ready to roll out. Things have changed quite a bit from last year to this year, but I have to heart is more than bursting at the seams this year!!

In the meantime, I'd like to share some of what's been going on around these parts, and also tell you about a request I received from Stephanie...

"I was thinking about your little Señor today! I am glad you posted an update on him! Please post a pic of your little fighter???

And I'm dying for some pie pictures. Bring on the fall pies! I think you should post your fav recipe for your readers' Christmas gift! You inspire me and I'm not really great... baker."

Thank you Stephanie : ) I'd love to post pie pictures, including recipes. The ones I post below won't be a part of that, as they are just part of what's been going on, but I will do some separate posts to include those. 

And as far as Señor... 

He's a beaut, isn't he?

And while we're at it...say hello to my other little friend!

He was caught on the inside of our screen door and I was the lucky, ecstatic, one to free him! My poor family and friends weren't so though, as they had to see a million pictures and watch many unending minutes of video of every step of his departure.

I wish I had a pet one... 

We had a 'camp out' weekend, and at this point were watching one of my favorite movies, Friends with Benefits. 

We had to cover Avi's eyes and ears for some parts, but really...she's beyond her years in so many ways. We figure ~ she's been through more in her few years, than many will ever go through in their entire life's ok.

I have no words to capture what my heart feels when Rainey lays her head on Avi like this.

It seems that for all of my life I have been in search of the best sugar cookie recipe for the holidays. Well, I do believe I've found it. The dough was absolutely epic as we rolled it out, I'd like to say....'like butta' here, so I did! 

For our own personal taste, they were too lemony, we prefer more almond flavor in our cookies, so that is the only thing we would change some more. Other than that...sheer perfection!

As far as the frosting, I'm still in search of a better recipe.

I also made some Nutella Banana Bread, but as you can see...forgot to take an after picture, and no, it wasn't because we shoveled the whole thing down our faces ; ) But it was that good! 

To each his own, but if you decide to make time, I would only use 1/2 cup Nutella (at the most) instead of 3/4 cup. 

Avi wanted to try on sunglasses at Macys. As you can see, she didn't like these ones much.

But loved these ones!

She's my Wayfarer girl!

Pick your jaw up. I'm JUST KIDDING Cameo!!!

Rainey my love, if you're comfortable...then I'm comfortable.

Oh Avi.

And Dave, I told you once...don't make me tell you again ; )

He goes by Slim, Slim Pickins, or Slim Shady, any which way...

he likes the ladies. you guys!! These pumpkin bars are the BEST!! I've made them a few times now, and they are ahhh-mazing! 

The only thing I changed was adding a 1/4 tsp clove, and that's because I like my pumpkin things extra spicy! They are so moist, it's like they actually poured it on in!! 

With cream cheese frosting... delish!

Amy and I made Pecan Pies last week, one for Dave's mom...

and another. 

Yes, problems in the after picture department lately!

Once upon a time, a reader asked if I had a recipe for a Pecan Pie that was made without corn syrup. At that point, I had never made a Pecan Pie. I didn't know what a tall order that would be, as they are all made with that stuff, but alas...I found an all butter one, and posted it at that time. We have made it this way ever since. 

This is one of the holiday pies I'll post the recipe for. I have never been a fan until I tasted this one : )

Ooohh...I see, you like it too!

Well they look like cupcakes, but guess what...they're not! They are cheesecake bites with a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the middle! Say huh?

My friend Sara had a Pinterest Party. Everyone signed up and brought what they made. I brought these and some Jalapeno Popper dip. Both were very good. 

The only thing I changed the second time I made the...take some fat, and add some fat dip was...I added an extra can of green chilies, and all the seeds and ribs of two Jalapeños, which in retrospect, I would do all three next time. Like I said, I like it spicy!!

Whatcha watchin?



    Switch accessible games? I hope they are of use to Avi.

    I love Friends with benefits :)

    1. Thank you so much Apple!! I really appreciate you for sending this link!

      Kris Kross will make you JUMP, JUMP!!

  2. I actually had to pick my jaw up from the floor when I saw the picture of you next to Slim Shady and you DIDN'T have on your striped shirt! Now THAT was shocking!

    A Pinterest Party! Genius!!!

    I have a great frosting recipe:

    1 trip to Albertsons.

    4 strides to aisle 9.

    1/2 arm reach to the shelf.

    Dash of hand strength to pick up a CAN.

    Dollop the can into your cart.

    2 dollars at the register

    Put in a pastry bag and pass off as your own.

    Oh, wait, that's right, you only do the REAL, HOMEMADE shit. You'll appreciate the next comment,

    As Cee Lo Green says, "F(orget) You".


    Love you!!!

  3. Cameo you have me rolling over here!!! I use that same recipe! Jen - you are so much more talented in the kitchen than us poor souls :-)

    All the desserts you made look soooo good! Those cheescake bites, oh my! And the pumpkin bars, WHAT! And you already know pecan pie is my favorite but the ones I buy at Winn Dixie don't look as good at yours. You've got the circular pecan pattern down!

    You rock those shades Avi!

  4. Oh thank you!!!! I was on vacation the last week so I am JUST catching up and I am loving the pic of Senor! :) And I'm gonna try all the recipes you posted. My hips are NOT thanking you, but my mouth is! :-x