Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And They Say Cats Have 9 Lives...

For those who have enquired....

Señor lives!!

I really thought this time was it, well I mean really it! Because I refrained from my usual, "oops I accidentally bumped your bowl while cleaning the counter...sorry Señor!" I went ahead and sprinkled some food in, thinking that would surely spark his fish fancy! But no, not at all! Finicky fish! Sheesh! He laid on his side, on the bottom forever! Way before I wrote the post, and way after.

He had me shaking in my non-existant boots.

But alas...his beauty, in all his blueness, finally decided to take a spin around his bowl.

And me, I was finally able to exhale.... 


  1. I am so happy Senor is okay! He must be part possum.

  2. I was thinking about your little Senor today! I am glad you posted an update on him! Please post a pic of your little fighter???

    And I'm dying for some pie pictures. Bring on the fall pies! I think you should post your fav recipe for your readers' Christmas gift! You inspire me and I'm not really a great... baker.

  3. Woohoo, the Hodders are one tough bunch...fighters all the way! So happy to hear the Senor is still hanging around :^)