Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You What?

The big celebration will begin in 3 minutes. There will be lots of love, tons of kisses, and plenty of play. 

Rainey Girl will be turning 2 years old. 

In a world of darkness, she has been our light. She has surely saved my life. I know that sounds extreme, but it couldn't be more true. She is my saving grace. She is my love.

I decided to make her a cake for her birthday. She's having some friends over tomorrow. Actually, we have been puppy sitting for a few weeks, so Joey will be here and then her best friend Oski, will come over too. We are planning on taking them all to the park and then we're going to come back for some cake.

Here are the makings for the ~

Who Let the Dogs Out Bark Day Cake...

I found a recipe online and went to the store to buy the ingredients. I was waiting in line and behind me, was a couple of guys, with a couple cases of beer. They surveyed my items and said, "peanut butter, bananas, berries and candles, huh?" I said, "yep." They then asked, "what are you going to do with all that?" I told them I was going to make a cake. They then asked what kind of cake, as they thought my ingredients were kind of strange. Why thank you dudes with beer ; ) I then told them it was for my dog. In unison they said, "Your dog?!?" I said, "Yeah, my dog...it's her birthday tomorrow." Let the fascination begin!! They then had a million questions! The first being, what kind of dog. I think they expected me to say, Chihuahua, or something small, but I told them what she was, which is Lab/Pit/Mutt/Mix.

I then finally got to the checker. I had combed the aisles looking for party hats. So I asked her if I had missed them. She said no, she didn't think they had any. I thought that would be the end, but she then asked, "Ooooh, is it someone's birthday?" I said yes, and hoped for the end of the conversation. She then asked whose, and if I was making a cake as she scanned the whole wheat flour. The beer guys chimed in that it was my dog's birthday. Suddenly, I felt like the lonely cat lady, but with a dog. It was a really weird experience, but pretty funny too ; ) 

It's okay though, because it will be priceless to see the free for all when Rainey and her doggie friends dive into her cake, party hats and all. 

It all kind of reminds me of someone else's birthday party.

Someone I miss deeply.

Every - Single - Day



    With much love from the Zuveys ♥

  2. Happy Ruff-Day Rainey!!! Love from your cousin Cooper.

  3. That last picture in this post just melts my heart. So sweet!

  4. Happy Birthday to Rainey! What a lucky dog! I am sure the store experience was too funny. You gave those guys something to talk about for awhile. :)

  5. Happy birthday Rainey! Love that you made her a cake. :)