Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Say You Love Me

  I feel your love. I thank you  


A lighter note for now. 

After our past weeks, we decided P.F. Changs sounded like the perfect place for Easter dinner. 

Doesn't she look like she's either nursing or sucking her thumb? I swear she is doing neither.

Note how peaceful she looks in my mom's arms.

Please note how peaceful she always is with my Uncle Roger.

Gary was going to take a picture of us together and he made some reference to Aviana flipping him the bird. This is a running joke in our family. We always say it will surely be one of the very first things she will do to him ; )

We decided to help her along, but I don't think she appreciated it.

Nope. Definitely not.

Great, we pissed her off for our pictures together.

So, the following is a series called ~ Does Aviana like her Mommy?

Her outfit was so cute, I wanted to try and get a picture with her before we went to dinner.

She wasn't having it.

Come on baby, work with me!!  How about if I help to hold your head up?

Avi, what's wrong? Are you mad at me? Did you want to wear jeans? Your hair down? What's wrong? 

Oh, you don't like my hair and outfit. 

I see. 

So, I thought we'd give it a try after dinner, outside and in a totally different location. 


Do you see how restless she is in my arms?

Avi, let's have a talk. 

What's up girl?

Was it the obscene gestures at Chang's?

I'm sorry.

I know you're only 5.

You're right, that was inappropriate to flip Papa the double bird.

You want Nana,

Or Uncle Roger.


I still love you.

I'll still take someone out for you ; )


  1. Hahaha....... why is it that they take everything out on the ones who love them the most? LOVE the hair and outfit, on both of you :)

    PF Changs....yummmm...... That's where Trina, Beya and I would always go to celebrate my birthday. I can't ever go back now. But I'm so glad you went and had some yummy food for me! Did you have the lettuce wraps? The Dan Dan noodles? I know you didn't have the twice fried beef but I'll pretend I had it.

    I love you bunches.

    Love your shirt ;)

  2. Love PF Changs and I love your house!


  3. Great Easter outfit Jen! You look so pretty!

  4. Oh my goodness her leggings are a-dor-a-ble!!!

    Happy late Easter!

  5. Love you guys. Miss you guys. Reading every post. You are all such fighters.

  6. I love the pictures! It is true, you take things out on the one's you are closest to. Lucky you! :) You all look beautiful!

  7. Hello little family!
    I'm a woman in Sweden and I have read every entry of your blog now. I can't remember how I found it, it was purely randomly but I found it so wellwritten and interesting that I kept reading. Now it feels a little bit like I know you!

    It's obvious that you, since the accident, have done everything and more than anyone could ask in your efforts to help Aviana getting better. Even if the results haven´t been that successful it must be comforting to know that YOU DID EVERYTHING YOU COULD to help her. I can't imagine what it was like for you to keep following the intense training schedule day after day and I think it was very wise of you to finally give most of it up.
    I'm not a religious person but if I was I would say you were godsent to be Avianas parents, noone could be more perfect and I'm full of admiration for your way of coping with all this.
    I´m sure that Aviana somewhere deep down in her soul knows that you love her deeply. And all we need is love...