Sunday, April 22, 2012


1. not changing or varying; invariable.

2. continuing without pause or letup; unceasing.

3. regularly recurrent; continual; persistent.

4. faithful; unswerving in love, devotion, etc.

5. steadfast; firm in mind or purpose; resolute.

From the moment this accident happened, we had found ourselves a constant. This man has been there for us like no other. He has stood by our side through some of the most difficult of times.

I vividly remember the police report had finally surfaced, and we were to go to the station to review all of the horrible details. We were finally going to find out what really happened. Can you imagine? I was literally shaking in my boots. I had already made myself sick, as I had envisioned the words I would be hearing within those pages. This man graciously took this terrible situation, and made it as bearable as possible. Throughout this feared meeting, I remember feeling as though he was carefully holding my heart in his hands. I will always remember that moment. It was clearly a time I felt the most gratitude for another human being.

This man has never wavered. He has been a supporter through and through. I think of him and begin to cry, as I'm confident he is one of the kindest souls I'll ever come into contact with throughout my lifetime. When I'm in his presence, I feel blessed to be. I know that sounds heavy, but true.

He's a faithful follower of Aviana's journey, and I will never forget the day I posted this. Within a few hours, the doorbell rang and there he was.  He was head to toe in his Roseville Police Department uniform, arms stretched out, saying, "I heard someone's giving out kisses here!" I was so happy to see him and laughing....oh my....was I laughing! How sweet was that? Absolutely something I will never forget.

He's not only there for the good, but also the bad. I was at an all time low with this last week in the hospital. My mom and I were walking down a long hallway in the PICU, and I looked up and saw that familiar uniform. All the way up there on the fourth floor, there he was. There he was. It was my understanding (I was pretty out of it when he was explaining) he had stopped by our house to check on Aviana from her previous surgery, collected our newspaper from the driveway, thought it odd for us not to be home, and immediately checked the blog. He saw the latest mishap and didn't miss a beat. He was there for us, like he always is.

This unbelievable man's name is Todd Lynn and over the past three years now, he appears at some of the highest highs, the lowest lows, and quite honestly, everything in between. I looked up the definition above in hopes of adding a few words, and couldn't stop myself as they all amply apply.

I just wonder how often it is that the investigator cares enough to stay by your side throughout the years? I have a feeling I know the answer to that question. Todd is a unique individual and I am so very thankful.

Oh come on Avi, help me out Todd some love too! She's such a stinker sometimes : )


Todd ~

We appreciate you more than we could ever truly express. We thank you for always going out of your way to be there for us. You are heaven sent, and I mean that!

Now, I want to make you a pie : ) So, let me know when you're ready, and I'll go round up some rhubarb ; )

Our Love!

By the way...if you want to see this man on TV, check him and his family out in June when their episode of Yard Crashers airs on DIY Network ; )


  1. Although I do not live in Roseville, it's good to know that there are such wonderful and caring people in the police department. They are truly special!

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  3. God sent you an angel in the flesh!!!

    you are truly blessed to have Todd in your life. You are so right. it is a rarity that an officer becomes that connected to someone as he has to you. I am sure that it is not that they don't want to, I can only imagine the magnitude of it all if every investigator played this role in the life of every person they came in contact with.....

    I am so happy you have THIS angel in your life

  4. What a beautiful tribute. I'm glad you have Todd in your lives.

  5. I know Todd and I am so proud to say that after reading your post. I think it's a testimony to your family and Avi that he is so stalwart.

  6. Jen, You are an amazing woman. You don't know me but I am Todd's mother, Linda I'm so glad he's been there for you and Avi....he's been that kind of a guy since he was just a little kid! We've had our share of family tragedies and like you said, Todd was just there, telling it like it was, giving me advice, hope, love, and yes, a few laughs! Just seeing him get out of his car and bounce down our walkway lifts my spirits. Thank you so much for your kind words.
    Avi is adorable. After seeing her pictures, I just felt like I wanted to pick her up and hug her for hours. Keep your head up, and as trite as it sounds, take it one day at a time. Love,Linda...