Friday, April 20, 2012

Madness & My Love

Some of our best friends came to visit. We met them through our blog. I have to say...they are some of the best to come out of something so bad.

I truly love these people.

Cameo and Norm.

Can you see Rainey in there? 

And, can you believe for a second that Cameo is not really a dog person?

She did say Rainey is a slice of heaven.

I think so too,

but more like the whole darn heaven and more ; )

Oh Beya, you are so sweet!

Valentina and Asa....

What can I say,

you both melt my heart.

Even you Valentina...

who won't look into my camera lens ; )

Guess what Valentina got from her Aunt Jen as a parting gift for the remainder of the 10-12 hour drive home....a xylophone!!!!

Beya made me do it!!!

I swear.

Anyway, I wanted to make them a pie....they decided on Chocolate Cream. They were on their way back up from Disneyland, but since Cameo and I were so excited over the fact that the new season of Mad Men had started, we over road the kiddie name.  

Roger ~ My favorite character

So, it was Cameo's great idea to take the names Stanley, Cooper, Draper, Price and rename our pie. 

May I introduce you to the ~

"Sticky, Chocolate, Drippy, Pie" 

Can you tell the gears shifted. I was making a Mickey Mouse head out of the pie and the kids gifts : )


  1. OK...yes, I'm jealous. I love and miss Cams. She is the best and I think Beya is the sweetest person I have ever met. I also wish I could have eaten a slice of that pie with all of you.

  2. Me, too! I'm a little jealous that you all had a visit and that you had pie! I'm also happy for you!


  3. The pie was AMAZING!!!!! It was even better than it looked! And yes, Rainey is more than a slice of heaven, she's up there with the pie. I would have her as my dog in a heartbeat.....if it hadn't turned out that Valentina is allergic to dogs. But Rainey isn't a dog, she's a sweet, loving, caring, beautiful person. Beya found Aviana's dress at Target the other day and she wanted to get it just because it reminded it her of Aviana. Beya misses her so much. We all do.

    Holly is the best too. I think we should all get together sometime.

    For the record, Jen, you are one of the sweetest, kindest, loving person I've ever met. I miss you all!!!! Even more than the pie! Coming to your house was the highlight of our trip. I'm just sorry my kids ran wild in your house and acted like little wild, feral children.

    Valentina LOVES her xylophone from Aunt Jen. It does make me smile when she plays it though. And Asa loves the books.

    We just plain miss you.

    And love you.

    And can't wait to see you again because we WILL see you again!!!!