Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reoccurring Dream

You are across the street, I didn't know it.
You cross and stand straight in front of me.
I am in disbelief. 

For a moment I think my eyes are playing tricks on me, 
but before one more moment passes, 
I grab you and wrap my arms around you. 
I refuse to let you go. 
I am holding  you tight, somehow knowing this is just a fleeting moment in time.
I am begging you to stay and repeatedly telling you how much I miss you.
You say you have to leave, have to go back across the street. 

I can feel you don't want to either, but know you need to.
I want to look at you for all the remaining time we have left.
I stare deep into your soul and plead with my eyes alone.
I now notice your head is cut and bleeding. I ask you what happened and if you are okay? 

You say you are fine, but really have to go.
I am struggling to come to terms with never seeing you again. 

I pull you close, hugging you tight and telling you over and over how much I miss you.
I wake up to my own stark reality. 
I close my eyes immediately to feel you once again, 

As I know you are about to fade away from me and this may never happen again.
You stay close beside me as I carry through my day. No matter if I want to or not, 

I can't shake you from my every thought.
I close my eyes throughout the day and wish for one moment I could be with you again.
Be with you the way we used to be, combined with how we are today.


  1. I can't imagine.

    I'm so sorry Jen.

    Dreams can cut you to the soul in a way nothing else can, can't they?

    I'm so sorry.

  2. Just sending armloads of love and hugs. -Kate Ousley

  3. I wish it was different. If only all the prayers, wishes, hugs, and love had the power to make a miracle.

    Love you,

  4. Oh, Jen. I am so sorry that you (and the rest of the family) has to deal with this reality. I wish I had more to offer. Some way to change things. I wish I could take the hurt away. :(

  5. dreams have a way of gifting us back the one thing we miss and need the most....

    if only for a fleeting moment ~ reality is alterned & we breath deeply to wrap the missing piece into our very soul

    i pray that you always have 'her' to hold tightly in your dreams....she lingers there with you always