Thursday, April 5, 2012

Two Girls and a Guy Pie

I have many more posts about Aviana rolling around this mind of mine, but for now, I want to share something I've been working on with you....

Amy and I worked on the design and layout together. We're still not done, but it's good enough for now ; )


  1. We've got two bags of backgard grown gooseberries waiting in the freezer to be "pied" by your expert hands. Nothing we did worked. So happy you're home.

  2. Had great fun reading your creative Pie blog. Wow...wish you lived closer...or do you ship to the Midwest??

    Praying Avianna is recovering from all that has gone awry since what was supposed to be a liver biopsy.

    I am not a two crust pie person myself, preferring your crumble top pies. But if the crust is as good as yours looks...I could be coherced to try a two cruster!

    last pie the past decade, maybe?

  3. Love the new pie blog and looking forward to tasting some very yummy, delicious looking pies!

    Glad Avi is home, hoping you are both on the road to recovery ♥


  4. You make me drool. Well, your pies do. ;)