Wednesday, December 21, 2011


All my troubles were so far away.

Elf Power

"We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup."

~ Buddy the Elf

Round One:


33 Care Packages

Car 1 - My Mom

Car 2 - Our awesome neighbors ~ Warren and Anna

Car 3 - Us

There we are :o)

Oops...just found out that I forgot to tell the Child Life person Tracy that each of our 33 boxes were 12X 12. Do you see the wagon she has? That was the one we used to wheel Avi around the hospital in. We had to quickly go to plan B for transit ; )

Aviana ~ still guiding us through our day!

Our very favorite nurse ~ Johnna. She was on the phone when I saw her and I was SO excited. I did not think she would remember us, but surprisingly ~ when she hung up, she turned around and said, "Aviana's mom!!" I was so happy to see her. She is so sweet and was absolutely wonderful to Aviana and all of us!

Someone was pissed that she didn't get to go! She said, "how dare all six of you walk out the door and leave me lonely. Especially after all of the hard work I put in."

Yep. That is a piece of our new patterning table. Yes, the one we just replaced because she annihilated the other one. 

She truly is a really good dog. She has only chewed up a handful of things and they have all been broadcast, for all to see, on my blog. I don't want you to think she is a terror. She is our sweetheart ;o)

Amy and me.

Thank you so much for the late, late nights Amy!

Warren & Anna ; )

Love them!

❤ Even more elves to help ❤

Round Two:

UC Davis

55 Care Packages

Car 1 - Us

Car 2 - My Mom

Car 3 ~ Warren and Anna

Car 4 ~ Amy, Megan and Cooper too

Almost all of us are represented here.

One cart full.

Us :o)

Avi and Rainey felt left out of the Elf Power.

Aviana was wiped out from the day.

So was I...

I was sitting at the computer trying to string words together.

Soon after this picture, I gave up!

The clincher was, I thought we had the remainder of the night off, but realized we were going to Christmas with Dave's family, so we had to get our booties up and immediately make the last 20 boxes. We went super fast though. I'll share the final pictures of the assembly process in the next post :o)


  1. Feel free to post the pic, that is, if you were speaking about me. Thanks go again to Aviana's elves. The families at the hospital truly appreciate all of your hard work. Johnna

  2. WOW!!!! rainey truly WAS p.o.'d!!!!!

  3. I wish we could have been there in the entourage to help. How rewarding and amazing. :)

  4. That looked like so much fun! I want to be an elf!