Friday, December 9, 2011

Guess What?

It's been a better year in the Hodder Household! I am proud to announce that we didn't ram our Christmas tree into the house again this year. Ooh, I almost forgot the added bonus of subsequently breaking out our back window!

We were laughing about our last year's Christmas debacle all the way to the tree farm last weekend. Had we captured that 15 minutes on film, we could have been thousands of dollars richer ~ courtesy of America's Funniest Home Video.

All the way home, I was repeating the very same mantra, "Don't drive the Christmas tree into the house! Don't drive the Christmas tree into the house! Don't drive the Christmas tree into the House!" I know darn well that my mind is not my own and it is undoubtably much worse than last years. I knew I needed to go beyond the mantra, so when we were leaving the tree lot, I set not just one alert on my phone, but two. You should have seen it, there was one to go off in 35 minutes and a second to go off in 30 minutes. That is how much I don't trust myself with these sorts of things!

Notice ~ the car is nicely parked in the driveway ~ patiently waiting for the tree to be removed!

Tree ~ not rammed into the house.

The top of the tree is not broken off!

The beautiful $100 dollar tree vs. the $600 one of yesteryear.

The happy child gazing lovingly up at her tree.

Who was not subjected to the whole slew of cuss words this year.

And, the happy dog modeling her "Mis Mis" collar for you!

Like I said, a better year in the Hodder Household...

Christmas Wise, that is!