Friday, December 23, 2011

Winner Winner Chicky Dinner

There are all these random name generator type things for blogs. We chose to go even more high tech than them. It's pretty scientific, so if you are not savvy, please feel free to ask any questions you may have. 

So this is how we chose to generate the winner...

First, I secretly counted up the people who guessed the right answer.

Then, I haphazardly ripped up five pieces of blank paper.

While hiding, I then scribbled the name of each of the five people.

I folded each of them into tiny little squares.

I shook them vigorously and walked into the family room to Dave.

I shook them one more time for good measure.

I held my hand out and...are you ready for this, I asked Dave to pick one.

Here is where one might get lost, I then unveiled the winner to both he, I and R dog.

Drum Roll please.

And the winner is....

(confetti release here)

I must say, I was pretty happy because she was the first to say Prius and had this to say in her comment, 

"Ok. call me silly but i'll say the CAN cram a lot into those little cars!"

Judianne ~ you da bomb!!

Your undisclosed gift will be arriving shortly after we recuperate from, Mission Elfkins and Christmas ;o)

So many of you knew the right answer, even after me trying to deceive you by putting the Prius in the (A) spot of the multiple choice ; )

I was in complete and total shock to discover the Prius fit the most. It sure is the little car that can! Everyone who has a Prius, answered it almost before we could finish the question. What a neat little car it is. 

I chalk its discreet, wonder space up to small tires, which means less wheel well room. What'da ya think? I need some sleep? Yes, I agree. I feel extra punchy tonight. More than the normal amount of punch. Uh huh.

There were also boxes all over the floor and front seat.

On our last delivery today, my friend Summer's car did end up holding the world record of care packages. 

Amazing! I can't tell you what kind of car it is, because I don't know. If you know me, this is strange, because I seem to know every single make of car on the road? That, my dear, is called a stupid human trick if I do say so myself!  

You might notice the People magazines in place of the O mags. I went back to Costco 3 full days after I bought them out of stock and sadly, they still didn't have any :o(

Today was our very last delivery...more to come on that.

Over and out.


  1. Awe man! I am sure you could have shoved some more boxes in that Tahoe of yours. Next time get your head in the game! :)

  2. So cool! Can we do it again next year?

    Congrats to Judianne!


  3. Thanks Dixie!! =)

    OMGosh!!! Jen I have been walkin around with my head in the clouds ( it sounds nicer than sand) these past few weeks....trying to forget the season....been in a literal disconnect.

    Came home late tonight, and there's a box on the chair, I say to Rob, what's that? Where'd t come from? .....the whole time doing a mental OH SHAZBUT! What did I order that I forgot about & did I screw up the bak account AGAIN?!?

    The utter relief when I saw your return address was almost instantly replaced with JOY & EXCITEMENT when I saw your "winner winner chicken dinner" tag.....and I started laughing! And rob was befuddled.....I said " I guessed PRIUS!"

  4. (part deux) I've never run out of comment space before! I must have a case of diarrhea of the mouth!!

    In any case, I gave him the short version of the scenario .....he shook his head and said we're all nuts!

    And then AT LAST (about 2 mins had elapsed) I got to open the box and discover all the goodies!!! All my favorite things! :)

    And I came in here to THANK YOU!! And catch up on all I've missed! Avi's Elves did an AWESOME job! Any plans to do Valentines Boxes?

    Much LOVE to Y'all!! and MAHALOS MUCHOS for the awesome prize!