Sunday, December 18, 2011

One Might Think...

these pictures are duplicates from the other night, but not so :o)  We have officially taken over the neighborhood! We took all of the boxes for the last post and brought them to be safely stored at our neighbor's houses. Thank you Nita, Jay and Mary! 

Amy, Dave & I kicked it into high gear tonight and busted out the remainder of the 100 boxes. This is unbelievably epic! Thanks to you, one hundred boxes is so yesterday and come tomorrow, or today that is, we are moving into the one hundred plus stratosphere. The goodness keeps on coming and the joy we are about to spread is...well, I can't find the perfect word ;o)

Do you notice the odd ball in this picture? Yep. We bought Costco out of Oprah magazines...again ;o) 

And just think, I forgot to take a picture of the coffee table in our room!

We will keep making boxes until every single last item is given ; ) The exciting thing is ~ the more we get and have, the more happiness we can share!

Sweet girl!


I get so severely amped up ~ I can't possibly go to bed. I just finished wrapping the remainder of our own personal Christmas presents, too.

I suppose I should surrender so I am not completely useless tomorrow :o)

Night All

and once again,

Thank you!

Anyone want to come over right now and make Mexican Wedding cookies with me?

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  1. YUMMMMMM i do i do......i wanna make mexican wedding cookies!