Saturday, December 10, 2011


Aww, that girl!

Rainey waits...

And waits...

and waits for something to drop.

I noticed a pattern. 

If I went to Jamba Juice for donations, I walked out with a Jamba Juice.

 If I went to Starbucks, I walked out with a coffee.

 If I went to Noah's, I walked out with a bagel.

 If I went to Icing on the Cupcake, I walked out with two cupcakes.
(they make the cutest, best cupcakes ever!)

I have to say ~ collecting donations is causing a big butt and I cannot lie ;o)

"Yes, Daddy...I'm ready for my Christmas presents."

"Rainey, Christmas isn't until the 25th. You are going to have to wait for your presents..."

"No, now! I see them under the tree! I can't wait!"

See, I speak for's kind of my thing. I'm probably wrong the majority of the time though ; )


  1. You otha brothas can't deny...
    :D love ya
    Fi's mama

  2. And here all this time I've been pronouncing Kama's name "comma" --

    Aviana was such a sweet baby/toddler. These are precious videos. I used to have a very, very hard time watching Audriana's old videos. I think it took me about three years before I could watch one without feeling awful afterwards. Time. Time helps. It doesn't "heal" a darn thing, but it helps.

  3. The stander looks much less like a torture device these days. Is she just tolerating it or does she kinda like the new perspective on her world?