Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Water Therapy

Aviana's first swim since.... 

She was such a little cutie.

Testing out her sea legs!

She loved to just float.

Avi is telling Dave, "Look Daddy, water therapy is best!"

My favorite.

Avi has always had a special bond with her Uncle Rob.

She melts like butter in his arms.

I just love them both!


  1. BEAUTIFUL photo of the two of them looking at each other. PURE love!

  2. She truly looks like she is loving the water! I love seeing that beautiful girl!

  3. Love the photo of Daddy and Avi sharing such a precious moment. Looks like she loves the water. Probably doesn't hurt to be doted on by her Daddy and Uncle either!

    On a separate note - we were in the same area as you for the 4th, but gosh, your beach shots are great, and mine include yucky muddy rocks and lots and lots of other people. . .please do share the secret spot???

  4. so weet and so fun. How nice to have a different type of therapy.

  5. Looks like everyone had an awesome time - love Avi's bathing suit too - she's so cute. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Great pictures!! Avi looks like she really had a good time. Yes, the picture up close with Daddy is the best!!!!

  7. These made me cry happy tears. I'm so glad to see her getting out and having fun.

  8. I feel like I've been MIA for so long. I just went back through your posts, and am so happy to see all the uplifting things you've had going on in your life lately. Avi is growing up and changing so much. You have a beautiful daughter!

  9. Sweet Avi!! She looks so comfortable in the water. I bet it feels really good in the hot weather, too! :-)

  10. Cute pictures! Where did you get her cute swimsuit??

  11. Hi Kelly-

    I got the bathing suit at Target. It was actually my second choice, as they did not have her size in my first! Really cute too though ;-)

    Thank you for your comment!