Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking a Breather....

This is Stow Lake. There were tons of ducks, geese, birds and....

I loved this tree.


I didn't know exactly what this was, but I did know one thing for sure...I wanted to move into it!

I was fascinated by this beautiful mess of tree roots.

I don't know what type of tree this is, but it reminded me of a bonsai, but huge!

This was the de Young Museum. We walked in only to discover we were in the wrong place.

That's us, backed into a corner....even in San Fran :o)

Oh Woolly Mammoth, I wanted to take you home!

Dave, being Dave!

This was inside the Rainforest in the Academy of Sciences.

She was so happy to be engaging in aquarium therapy!

Dave is a weirdo! He has a "thing" about not wanting to ever hold my purse for me! It looks like Avi is following in his footsteps on that one =)

This ones for you, my cuz. There was only one in there and I had to chase that sucker like crazy. He was making a mockery of me and I think, loving it :o)

This was Aviana's favorite part of the entire day....just watching all of the fish swim around!

These guys were, hands down, the highlight of my entire day!


Pier 39

Need I say...anything!

My babies.

The Rock.


  1. Wow. this looks like it was great for all three of you. How great that you could get away for a bit. Lovely photos. :)

  2. awesome pictures.....glad you guys came to town!!!

    that 'structure' in the park is the LOG CABIN...my sis & i were just talking about it this afternoon. we had a great going away party for my 1stBFF there...and he's finally coming home to stay next month!!! :)

    you guys should play hookey again...it does wonders for your state of mind!!!

    <3 ~j

  3. LOVE it guys!!! SOOOO glad you got out and about with your girl :)!

  4. Oh how I miss San Francisco- Pier 39!!!! I am so glad you guys had a good time and I totally understand the whole purse thing because my hubby won't carry mine either and tries to pawn it off on my son! So where is the next destination in your travels going to be?!?!?!

  5. I love SFO! Gorgeous pics (love the turtle ones!) So happy to see you had a great day in the City!

  6. Looks like a good day! Isn't the Academy awesome? It was neat before, but the new building has amazing exhibits. I could stare at the big aquarium window for hours.

  7. Awwwww thank you for thinking of me!!! Those buggers do NOT like their picture taken, that's for sure!!! Looks like you guys had a nice time and were able to enjoy the weather!!! Pier 39....ugh....my home away from home!!

    I agree...schedule some hooky days!!!

    Love you Cuz!!!!


  8. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I will pray for you to learn the very same lesson I've learned. Honestly, it's a lesson I seem to have learn over and over again. Lifting you up to Him!!

    Would love to meet you too, and who doesn't love Fall in our neck of the woods. So glad you guys got out, and enjoyed the cooler weather. Love, love the tree photos, and the one of Aviana not wanting to hold your purse!

    Hope there are more "breathers" in your near future. You certainly deserve them, and from your post, it looks like it did wonders for the whole family!

  9. So glad you had a time away. The pictures are all beautiful but my favorite is the first one. The one of you and Avi.

  10. I LOVE all of your photos!!! So gald you guys got to get away and enjoy life outside of your home!!! If you need another getaway...you're always welcome here in Orlando! :)

  11. ohmyholyheck!

    The pix of those trees and turtles? I want to paint it now! I mean, fer real, the turtles were just 'there' like that? You didn't get down in the swamp and stage them for blog fodder (something I WOULD do :)...

    And that "bonsai" tree???

    Okay...I've been to San Diego but not San Fran. Now, I must go.

    I have a MAJOR thing for trees...like...if there wasn't one true God..I would worship a tree :)

    SO glad ya'll took a break...I luv'd seeing Avianna cuddling with Daddy....

    Proud of you for taking this leap .... without a mask!


  12. Avi looks wonderful and it seems you had a great time! I'm so glad you guys took some time out for yourselves.
    And, I have a confession . . . I love watching the seals from the pier. I think they have so much personality! I could sit for a long time with a hot cup of joe watching them! Take care, Anne.