Friday, July 16, 2010

Use Me

If you need me, I am here for you to use!!

If you are already using me, being used has never felt so good!

Use me when your child is talking excessively, and it has been a long day.

Use me when the thought briefly crosses your mind to not take the extra steps up to the cross walk.

Use me when you are so busy, and your little one just can't stop asking questions.

Use me when they are making a disastrous mess and you are a complete neat freak.

Use me when your child won't stay put and continues to run away.

Use me when you are telling your child to do something, for the second time, and they are STILL playing with their toy.

Use me when you are feeling stressed out, and don't think you can continue on.

Use me when you are distracted, and not "in the actual moments" with your kids.

Use me at any time when you are thinking of not enforcing the use of a helmet.

Use me to really feel your child's arms wrapped around you tightly.

Use me and listen carefully to the sweet, sweet voice that is coming out of that little mouth.

Use me to appreciate the fact that your child can run to you while screaming "Mommy!"

Use me to not get so upset when they are being loud and obnoxious.

Use me when they object to their bedtime.

Use me when you are becoming distracted while driving, or just simply not paying attention.

Use me when your kid is driving you bonkers at the park or mall.

Use me when they won't eat exactly what they are told, but are still eating nonetheless.

Use me to appreciate every single "I love you" that falls from their lips.

Use me when you are feeling like you are at the end of your rope.

Use me when you have to chase after them.

Use me when they are exercising their independent, rebellious nature.

Use me for all of the things that I cannot even think to come up with.

Use me, 

Use me,

Use me,

Use me,

Use me,

And when you don't feel you are doing a good job of using me,

go easy on yourself....

I know it's not easy,

as I used to try to use other people's horror stories to make myself more appreciative too! The full blown patience and appreciation never lasted as long as I had hoped it would....


  1. Oh Jen- I already use you more than you know and I think of you often when my children do things that drive me crazy- because I know that you long for those momemts and know what a gift they truly are. It is a shame that events like those that have occurred in your life are necesary in order for appreciation to occur. I have too many times thought to myself that Jen would LOVE for Aviana to be able to do this and here I am complaining about it and wishing it would pass. I drink up every moment even the hard ones, becuase I know that others do without them- THANK YOU for putting yourself out there and sharing your journey with us!!!! YOur story has made me a better mom, it really has- you rock girl!!!!!!!!

  2. Thank you Jen, for sharing your life with us. I too use you and just think of you often. Since our daughters are about the same age and both born in Guatemala, I look at Avi and see my Mia and my heart breaks for you and at the same time I gain a profound appreciation for what I have. You are helping me and others stay in the moment and appreciate life a lot more, so I thank you.

  3. you have no idea how much I use you. So grateful when my brain is so tired from the nonstop chatter and questions, can't eat dinner because would have to stop talking. I so use you, not because I don't know how grateful I should be after waiting for this child, but I use you just to make myself pause and think and enjoy the moment again.

  4. I use you too. Dulce came home at 14 months and we had a very difficult time with attachment on my side and her side. She just turned three in June. Belive me, I drink in every moment with her, the good days, the bad days, and I have relaxed so much more and I am just enjoying her and the fact that I get to be her mommy no matter how hard that job is some days. I ache for you and your family and I hold you all in my prayers.

  5. When I'm stressed, when I'm upset...I remember that I'm here but for the grace of God.

    Love you, Jen!

  6. Jen,

    I bet you want to scream "Use Me!" at the parents in the grocery store or at the mall who are being impatient and yapping at their kids to "come on!" "hurry up!" "stop that!" Like another poster commented, sometimes I look at Evangeline and I see Avianna and I get sad and thankful at the same time.
    But that's not why I come here. I come here because I have grown so attached to your Avianna and your daily stories and her progress. She is such a sweet and darling little girl and your familie's strength astounds me.

  7. Jen -

    Use us to vent.......

    Use us to cry...

    Use us to scream about how your life is SO different now....

    Use us to complain.....

    Use us to say you didn't want this for your life but, somehow, you are making it....

    Use us to scream that your situation is Gawd-awful hard on a marriage....

    Use us to type in huge bold letters when Aviana does something that seems so 'typical' to others but amazing to you.....

    Use us to ask for help....packages and $$$ can be mailed from around the world....

    Use us to compliment yourself on your AMAZING achievements with your daughter....

    Use us to find your new normal...and then to complain about it....

    Use us to make us laugh about your OCD.... :)

    Use us to as students so we can reach out to people IRL who, like you, need a community.

    Use us to show off your new hair-cut....

    Use us to brag on your empty sink...

    Use us to cry about you overflowing sink...

    Use us.

    For, we are ALL, everyday...using YOU too.

    (this was one of your best posts put into words what your readers are thinking....any of us following your family's trial surely cannot look into the eyes of our smiing and romping child without whispering a prayer for yours.....)


  8. TO Andrea~
    Love your comment- AMen!!!!!!

  9. Please use us and know that you are in my daily prayers. Fellow Guat Mom,

  10. well said andrea!!!!

    even tho' i'll never have children of my own. i do have 'my boys' and i DO USE YOU jen everyday!!! they will hopefully (one day) overcome their ld but it is a long process and i find comfort & strength in all that you live through knowing that their road is not nearly as bumpy!

    <3 ~j