Saturday, July 24, 2010

True Love

You are my love,

You are my life.

Whenever I need you,

You are there.

You listen quietly,

You don't try and "fix" everything.

You have been there for me,

Through everything.


Bad days on the work front,

The adoption process,

Adjusting to having a child,

Helping me through my migraines,

Being right by my side through the accident,

Anytime I needed you while Avi was in the hospital,

You were there for me.

You are always there for me.

To laugh at,

To cry on,

To talk to,

To love me,


I love you Kama!

You and me are like peas and carrots!

You are my constant co-pilot.

I would be lost and loney without you.

Kama Love!

She got a new bed.

I think she likes loves it!

I *heart* you!

You complete me...

Nighty Night!

Oh, by the way...Avi loves it too!


  1. Hahaha! Jen, I thought this was about Dave. You crack me up. :)

  2. kama is a BEAUTIFUL puppy & truly your close companion & friend!!!

    and you are most WELCOME to join us in the VICARIOUSLY FUN SPACE

  3. YES- I too thought you were talking about Dave- when does he get a new bed??!?!?! Hee Hee! Kama looks beyond happy with her new bed and so willing to share it with her special girl Aviana!

  4. Does your husband know about your love affair??! smile

    We have THREE dogs. Though...Our Nala, Benson, and Dorothy could easily ride on the back of your Kama all at one time :)

    We also have a bird and two dwarf gerbils :)

    Animals makes life fulfilling...Unconditional love...I think Christ made dogs for us to understand His luv for us better :)


  5. hope Kama is helping you with your crappy emotional down days. On another note how awesome that Avi is off her drugs, I can imagine it would make a huge difference and loved hearing about all the differences in her.

  6. LOL!!!
    I was right there with the other commentors, thinking you were talking about Dave. LOL
    Yes, Kama has been a wonderful dog. Glad you have her!!!

  7. I thought you were talking about me too.


  8. I love your yellow lab. I think she needs to meet my yellow lab, since they both have been put on the "backburner" when our sick kiddos need us. By the way, where do they make beds that big? I think I could sleep in that:)

  9. At least you're not making Dave sleep on that while you let Kama in your bed. :)

  10. HA! HA! HA! HA! Jen, you truly have a way with words. Kama has been a great friend to you and Miss Avi. I always enjoy your pictures with your posts. One thing I can't figure out though.. How did you get a hand model to hold Avi's head? ;)


  11. AWWWWWW....Jen...would you mind giving Kama a hug for me? Of course you wouldn't fact, give her a few!! =)



  12. How does that make your husband feel?