Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Give us an inch...

and we take a mile!!

Prior to the accident, Tahoe is where you could find us on every 4th of July weekend! We decided to go up, as we have missed our trip terribly.  It was perfect, as always.

We had a great time, accompanied by minimal therapy (of that sort).  We lounged around in the hammock, bbq'd, watched movies, went down to the lake, and took a walk through the woods.  I was about to say, all of the things we took for granted before, but that is not the case....we never have taken Tahoe for granted, but you know what I mean :o)

We had the best weekend and while I feel entirely refreshed, it is extremely difficult to get back to the grind!  Worth every "fresh air" moment though.

I hope you all had a happy, safe 4th this year.

Ahhhh, Tahoe...

Aviana thought the water was much too cold, and preferred her toes not be dipped!

Kama & Snoozer were in heaven. A dogs true paradise!

This is Snoozer....he is my dad's dog! He is the sweetest Pit Bull in the entire world. Avi used to call him, "Noooozer."

I wish Kama had a lake right down the street to swim in!

Sorry, I just think she is beautiful =)

Doesn't she look like she is smiling in this picture?

Round two!

There's no place like home. *Click, Click*  There's no place like home!

Kama couldn't handle Dave, Avi and I being in the hammock, so she climbed up with us. Picture that, 4 of us, 1 hammock.....there's nothing better than that!

Kama's not used to that kind of exercise anymore =)


  1. Love the pictures, looks like a beautiful place. I also love the pics of your dog....I am partial to yellow labs!

  2. Love it all! Do you have a favorite place you like to go in Tahoe? I've been anxious to get there with the kids!

  3. Gorgeous photos! So glad to hear that you guys all had a blast! Now I know where I want to go one day. This was a great way to fill you back with life and positivity. Thanks for sharing Jen!

  4. It is wonderful you went out. You need a break once in a while. The pictures are lovely. Kama sure looks worn out, but a fun filled day.

    As much as I hated lugging special food, monitors, renting oxygen and wheelchairs, my trips with Brian when he was misdiagnosed and couldn't eat or walk where wonderful!

    so glad you went home! :) dave & avi looked like they were having a good time and the puppies looked like they were in heaven.

    and you, miss jen! i can hear it in your words! you got the break you so desperately needed to recharge & rejuvenate your batteries!!!

    glad to hear you had such a good time :)

    <3 ~j

  6. I'm so glad that you got some time in Tahoe, too! You all needed that.

  7. Love it! The beautiful blue sky, sandy beach, and cool water looks so good. I'm gonna bet that this type of therapy is just as important for Avi as the rest of it.

  8. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! If you took a mile...I think I've taken 10!! We went to MI for three weeks and didn't do a lick of therapy. I also haven't started back since we got back on Monday. I'm trying to get the boxes unpacked from our move. Guess I should get my butt in gear and get moving again!!! It was so nice to have a break from it all!!!


    Glad you were able to get away (again)!!! You guys deserve it!!


  10. Love those photos! I need to plan a family trip to Tahoe, for sure! So pretty!

  11. I am so so happy that you guys have decided to get away and do some "normal" things. I realize how important therapy is everyday, but therapy like this has got to be even better every once in a while for EVERYONE! yay, looks wonderful!