Friday, July 9, 2010

Game On

As you may remember, Aviana used to throw up all of the time. After returning from our first trip to The Institute, we changed her diet. She was never sick again!


Be the first one to send me the very last day Aviana was sick.


The answer is buried somewhere in the depths of this long-winded blog ;o)


One of my very favorite desserts.....


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  2. I am making an educated guess. I think we were honored enough to witness one of Avi's last sick tummies. I think we were celebrating your birthday that lasts only one day and Peter's birthday that lasts the entire month. I am gonna face book you my guess cause I think I've dropped a lot of hints!!

  3. ooooh i remember that post.....marking the 30days!!!!!!!

    should i say?!?!

    h'mmmm it was posted approximately 134days ago marked the 30th day puke free so that would make it approximately 164 days ago

    (i say approximate cuz i am really bad with numbers, but i think i am kinda sorta pretty accurate on this one)

    tee hee
    <3 ~j

  4. I think it was Jan 25... I thought I remember it was on my bday. ;)

  5. Of course I am a day late and not fully caffeinated yet, but just wanted to put my 2 cents in ...I think it was Jan 25th?!?!?