Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My gosh…we are both grateful and humbled by every single word you wrote.

Thank you so very much.

❤ ❤ ❤


  1. Jen,

    Though we never met your story inspired me to be a better person and mom. Thinking of you often.



  2. I have no words other than I lift you in prayers and you all remain in my heart.

  3. Jen, I am so shocked. I have been away from blogs for about a month.......I am sending lots of xoxo's your way. She will always be remembered. I checked out your blog yesterday afternoon and you guys have been on my mind since. Prayers and xo's to you and your family......

  4. I know I have no words to say that will comfort you other to know that we love you so much. I can see Avi running with Kama and loving her freedom. Remember the joy sweet Jen and know that you and Dave along with your family have been there every step of the way. I wish I could be there with you and help but not sure what I could do. Please let Rainey say good bye, if she didn't get too. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do. My heart aches - but she has her wings and is flying high and watching over all of you! xxooxx
    Julie n Texas

  5. Hugs! You are both in my hearts and prayers. Rainey too. Xoxo
    Love from NY

  6. Hi Jen and Dave,
    I haven't been able to pull words together to express my heartfelt condolences, but I cannot let another moment go by without letting you know that you all have been in my thoughts and prayers. My heart is so heavy right now. I wish that I could make your pain go away.
    Love you guys!
    janet & jeff

  7. I will say that I feel that you all did all that anyone could do to help Avi and try and get her better. I have admired what you all have done and tried for her. You should find peace knowing that you tried and I'm sure Avi knew that.

    Monty Owens

  8. Just letting you know that words will not be enough , but hope thoughts of healing can make it over the internet I keep re visiting your blog and hoping the thoughts will make it your way , Please know that you are still very much in my heart and hoping and praying you can feel us all around you. Much love again from Montreal

  9. Jen, this is exactly how I've felt throughout the years , humbled and grateful following your family's journey.
    Aviana has taught us so much through you, that I hope you will allow those of us who never met you to continue supporting you with love and encouragement on this blog.
    The last few days,since you mentioned how Avi loved to run, I've been catching myself saying "Run Avi Run", and I picture her running through a field with tall prairie flowers, a very loud giggle,her angel wings to take those extra big leaps and Kama a few feet behind. Oh, Avi, we will miss you so much. "Run Avi Run"!!
    You changed my world!
    Cindy in nc

  10. Jen, I wish I was there to give you a big hug. I am praying for you and Dave and your family--for peace and comfort and strength. I'm glad I got to visit with you and Avi. Your precious girl and your love for her are an inspiration to many. May you find healing through your eloquence of expression and may you be surrounded by love and understanding. Love, Shana

  11. Jen, i wish i had some words to tell you how much your sweet girl means to me. I have followed you and your family for some time and my heart aches for you as a mother. The one thing that gives me comfort is that Avi is to run, jump and play with your Kama. How i wish i could change things and make Avi whole here on earth for have made me a better mother, my friend. Know that we are praying for you....all of our love.