Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Ucky

I am so behind on my blog posts for so many reasons, some good, some bad, and some beyond sad. Things have been a little crazy busy on this side lately. So I thought I would give you a quick run down before I unload an unreal amount of posts on you ; )

Good ~ My absolute very favorite holiday is Halloween and we had a couple parties to go to this year. Unfortunately I had a headache for the first, but I decided at the very last minute to say eff it and go anyway, as I am sick and tired of missing out on things because of the noggin! So we went to that one, and another a few weeks later. I am new to the school thing, so I was not aware that you are not allowed to dress your kid up, so we made do in another way for school and then took her trick or treating later. We also dressed a certain little mutski up too : ) So I hope you don't mind, but because it's my favorite holiday, and I live for obnoxious amount of pictures to follow on that front : ) : ) 

Sad - One of my really good friends...the one I was supposed to go to Guatemala with, told me last Friday that he has cancer and is going to die as he is not going to have surgery or go through chemo. He works in Oncology (amongst other departments) at Kaiser and he has decided he would rather not go through what he sees. He is never far from my mind, for so many reasons. I suppose I will leave it at that

Good - My dad saved a dog that was on death row in New York. Her name is Chelsea and she is a pit bull mix. Now his current dog Snoozer has a little sister. He picked her up at the San Francisco airport on Monday and they spent the night. She is a sweetheart, and while it was absolute mayhem with three dogs running wild getting to know each other, it was so nice spending time with her : ) I should actually say two dogs running crazy, as Rainey and Chelsea left poor Snoozy out of all the Reindeer Games, it was really sad : (  

Bad - Avi and I were taking Dave's costume back to the rental shop this past Monday. I was on the freeway in the fast lane and slightly veered into the lane to my right, and side swiped the car next to me : / My first accident ever! I am usually always SO careful, especially after what happened to Aviana!!! I felt so bad!! Luckily everyone was ok. 

Good - Amy and I were up until 5:15 am making pie a couple nights ago, we decided to make videos for the people who had asked questions in the past about how we make and flute our pie dough. I spent majority of last night, and this morning editing them (with the help of The Guy too) and will have them up soon, along with some of the recipes I promised : )

Good - We have been receiving donations (thank you!) for Aviana's Elves! So we have been organizing and also working on letters to try and raise donations with businesses again, etc. If you would like to join in, we would love and appreciate your help!

Ucky ~ The back blocking on blogger that I can't seem to get rid of no matter how hard I try. Where's the transparent option when you need it? And then I realize...I should be spending my time doing all the other things I need to be doing...

Good, Ucky ~ The writing and sharing of our story over on This Little Miggy Stayed Home. With all this other stuff happening, I was crunched for time, and then realized, oh my gosh!! Well, I'm sure you have maybe thought it too, we don't have one single family picture!! So we asked Dave's sister if she might be able to take some of us. She's the best. Boy did she have her work cut out for her, one dog, one child with no neck control, or body control for that matter, and two goofballs...sheesh, we're lucky we got one picture that day! It was crazy, and now I know exactly why we have zero pictures and why we probably won't again for another 6 years ; ) I'll have to tell you about it sometime! Thank you Dinah! 

Good ~ I saw The Perks of Being a Wallfower for the second time. I do think it just might be one of my all time favorite movies. Yeah, that great!!

So thankfully mostly all good, with a sprinkling of some not so very, very sad. But all makes up to some very busy days, which caused me to be away from here, of which I love to be here...writing. I feel absent when I am not writing. Absent in so many ways. But I wanted to warn you, because I'm about to catch up ; )

I hope you are well.

Are you?


  1. Oh Dinah, what a sweet person. I still feel bad for her.....and laugh so hard remembering :)

    So sad for your friend and his family. I'm so sorry for them and I can understand why he chose to do what he did. Trina always vowed after her first bout with cancer that if she got it again she wouldn't go through treatment again. Obviously things changed and she had Asa and wanted to do everything possible for him. I am thankful for the 8 months it bought us but again, understand and respect his decision, it's such a highly personal choice.

    Car accident, HA HA!!! Weren't you an adjuster? Oh how I do NOT miss those days!

    Aviana's Elves, soooo cool. So proud of you for doing all of this hard work. And I can only imagine what hard work and TIME CONSUMING it must be.

    Perks of Being a Wallflower, isn't that the one with Emma whatshername? The one from Harry Potter? That good, huh? Mom and I are really behind on our movie theater excursions.

    I love you and give Aviana a hug and kiss from Asa and Valentina, they both talk about her and you and ask when they are going to see you guys (and mostly Rainey) again :) Sorry I haven't emailed back, thanks for giving me the info though!

  2. glad to catch up with your life. so sorry about your side-swipe but thankful that it turned out to be 'not too serious' ......adding your friend to my prayers. after watching what my dad went through i would have to agree with your friend for the most part. i know it's not an easy decision on their part and even harder for their friends and family to have to stand by and accept.

    YAY!!!! i am excited for Avi's Elves!!! i have been getting things ready to help :) this is my motivation to find some holiday spirits this year too

    can't wait to see all your pictures and videos!!!

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  3. Sorry for the late comment, but I am just reading your posts. I'm so relieved that your car accident was not worse. I am very sorry about your friend with cancer.

    Glad you got to go to some parties!

  4. I had been absent from blogging for a bit too. Sometimes I just need to turn the "transparency" off for a bit and then jump back in....It's your blog. You do not have to apologize sweets!

    So sad about Guatemala and your friend...I lost my Dad to cancer after he fought for yrs. If he had to do it over again, I'm not sure he'd chose the 'traditional' route as it robbed him of 'quality' life while he tried to fight. I will be praying for your friend of course.