Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cutie Pie

I saved the cutest pie for last! I met my friend Ellen through my blog, and very early on in this journey of ours. She has been there for us throughout, and has been a constant source of love and support.

On our very first trip to Philadelphia, we were in over our heads. In this wide world of brain injury, everything was brand new to us! Something happened on the second day of class that I will never forget. Someone came in with a wrapped gift and card attached looking for The Hodder Family. As they were handing the beautiful gift over to us, I was truly stunned. It's been close to four years since this happened, and I am tearing up just thinking about this now.

The gift was from Ellen and not only was it perfect, but exemplified the absolute kind and caring nature of perfect strangers. She reached out to us at such a difficult time and that's not easy to do. I'm not so sure I could walk straight into the eye of our kind of storm, especially at that time! In fact - knowing me then, I can answer that question now...I couldn't. That takes a certain kind of person. A courageous, but my gosh...a loving one to be exact.

Well, Ellen's daughter Emma decided she wanted to be a PIE of all things this year for Halloween! I screamed at the computer screen, "That's my girl!!" I was especially blown away because they made the costume together! I was so impressed! I'm a girl that can't sew on a button!!

So now...I will shut my mouth, and introduce you to Ellen and her Sweetie...I mean, Cutie Pie!


  1. That is adorable. They are so crafty!

  2. Your pumpkin pie was fantastic! So every year we have the pie challenge: pumpkin vs sweet potato. Sweet potato has been the winner in the blind test for about 7 years now. Today, your pumpkin pie got 3 people to swing their vote back to the pumpkin side. Your idea of freezing the pie crust was wonderful and I had no need to use a pie protector at all. Best pumpkin pie I've ever made. Thanks for sharing. The chocolate pie is next!

    1. That is SO great! I am so happy to hear!!

      We had so many problems with the crust falling and finally Dave and I said, forget it, we are going to freeze this sucker until it is a brick!!! Can you tell we were fed up? Well it worked and we havn't looked back. I read all the recipes, and see all those bakers on TV ~ they simply just throw their pie in the oven and I don't get never worked for us. I know we don't use shortening and that is one factor, but I have a feeling that's not all of it.

      I'm so happy you liked the recipe. I don't know if you like Pumpkin Cheesecake, but near Christmas I am going to post one that we perfected. It is to die for!! We cut up a pie and sent it out into the neighborhood and got that many orders. If you want it sooner, I can do that too : )

      The Chocolate Truffle is out of this world, I think it might turn the tables on the Pumpkin/Sweet Potato Challenge : ) And the best part, it's easy. I am going to make a slight change to the tips after making 2 more recently though : )

      Happy Day to you ❤