Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movies with Our Meekers

My prior movie track record was about two in 10 years. I have this problem. I get super fidgety. Worse than the worst kid. It's the self diagnosed restless body leg syndrome thing. We almost went to many movies over those years though. 

It usually went something like this - I'd spontaneously flash Dave the last minute look and say, "I can do it! Let's go." But as the bright lights of the building loomed ahead, the fear of being confined to one, tiny square box of a chair would start playing...over, and over, and over, in my head and I would scream, "Forget it! I can't do it! Anywhere, but there!"

But then, something strange happened. Right after the accident - I needed to stop the spinning. I needed distance. I was all too close to an all too real reality. If only for a moment, I had to escape, but to where? A new movie theater had just opened a few miles away. I wondered if I could do it? I had to try.

Love & Other Drugs was playing. It was a Sunday night at 10:35 pm. Yes, I was squirming the seat, but I was gone. My mind was gone. Into that movie I was, and far from my new world. There, was exactly where I needed to be, wanted to be.

From then on, movies became my refuge. I prefer going by myself. Just me, myself and I. It's my secret slice of time...away. Lately though, I've had company. I have to admit, they've been a nice addition. 

At home, we've tried to see if Aviana has any interest in watching TV. I've put on cartoons, Animal Planet, various Disney movies, Christmas movies, etc. and she has zero interest. She prefers to either look at me, or the wall. But never, and I mean never, the TV.

I figured the same would be true for the movies. So, we just took her along for the ride, a change of scenery, a good two hour cuddle, things of that sort. 

The first movie we took her to was Searching for Sugar Man. You might remember what this one was like for us. She was on my lap, and slept for some of this movie, so I couldn't really see much of what she was doing. 

We took her to two movies in two days over the holiday weekend. In both of these movies she sat on Dave's lap, so I was able to see exactly what she was doing. The first was Silver Linings Playbook, and the second was The Sessions. If you've seen it you might be screaming at the screen, "Oh Meeks...cover your precious, little eyes!!

You know me by now, and some things have to hit me over the head...a few times, for me to realize they aren't a fluke with Aviana. Well, I'm here to say - she loves the big screen!! That's where it's at for this girl!! She was actually watching both of these movies!! Both of these movies were holding her attention! 

And yes, it's not lost on me that both of these movies are Rated R, have bad language and one has tons of nudity, but whatever...as long as it's something that grabbed her attention...I'll take it!!! Like I always say, she's way beyond her years and has been through more in her short little life than most will ever go through in their entire life. What's the big deal in the grand scheme? Nothing.

But now that we know she likes the BIG SCREEN, the next movie we go see will be for our girl!! You watch, I bet she won't be interested! She'll probably be thinking, "This is boring! Where's all the smut and butt?" No, it wasn't really like that ; ) But really, she's a squirly one...always keeping us on our toes!! 

Avi sweetie...would you like some?

This one came out dark, but I love it too much not to post.

Dave snatched her on up after our pre-movie photo shoot!


  1. oooooh I see Avi already has this fact of life figured out - movie food always tastes better than food from home :-)

  2. Oh hey - I just went back and re-read some posts. I didn't know you had replied to mine about Thanksgiving - sorry. A turducken is a turkey that is stuffed with a duck and then the duck is stuffed with a chicken. Then it's baked (obviously). So once it's sliced, you get 3 types of meat. My family cooks this for Thanksgiving. Is this a Louisiana thing? I thought this was everywhere? Like I said, I don't see the hype though. I can't tell what's what, it all tastes like chicken to me. Pretty cool that you can write us back.

  3. I really, really want to see Silver Linings Playbook!!! Was it as good as "they" say it is? Beya and I have really slacked on the movie department. I'm hoping to get caught up before Christmas break.