Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to life. Back to reality.

Back to the here and now.
I hope you all had a nice, relaxing, drama free holiday! Isn't that the ultimate goal? 
I have to say, I loved reading all of your comments about what you were looking forward to most, and who was making which pie recipe, and who was finally swayed in the blind pie test from Sweet Potato over to Pumpkin!! Loved every minute of it.

I hope you got my comments back. I am new to this whole leaving comments back thing. I don't totally get it, so the person has to check back? That just seems counterproductive if you ask me...there must be a better way, is there? 

As for us, Avi kicked things off with a cold, and I had a T-Day Vaca take down. Does the latter sound exciting? Like one of my very favorite holiday episodes of Friends - where like Monica, every ounce of my competitiveness comes out and I whoop every single person near, and far? Well unfortunately, it was neither fun, nor exciting...and was a huge, sucky, string of headaches and for days on end. These brain benders involved many Imitrex shots, and the missing of Thanksgiving dinner...but not PIE! 

The headaches ducked and weaved in and out, so thankfully all the days weren't completely shot.

Aviana was feeling her worst in this picture but coincidentally, it happens to be one of my absolute favorites. Amy is in Wisconsin and while we were having a texting marathon one night, I sent this one to her. I loved her response...

"Oh Meekers...you are so ooty! She looks so beautiful when she's illin...why can't I look like that when I'm sick?!?!?!"

We make any excuse to bust out The Hodder Camp Family Room. Avi being sick seemed like the perfect reason!! When Aviana is sick, she wants her Nana. 

"What's that you say Nana? Tell them Avi comes first!! Okay I will. Yes, right when we hang up."

A pup makes everything better.

Yep. Aren't they beautiful?

It was... 

A girl, a guy, and five pies 

around here, but I forgot to take the after picture : ( 

Guess what I discovered over the break? After all this time, of wearing my pants, I'm supposed to keep them away from FIRE!! Who knew? Not me. Thank god I finally saw the tag...I can start being more careful!! Phew.

My dad came down for the holiday and brought his dog Snoozer, and Snoozy's new sister Chelsea. A few months ago I turned my dad on to the Kris Karr website and as it turns out, she has a section about dogs in need of adoption as they are on death row. Well Chelsea was one of these dogs, and my dad just so happened to get attached. 

He didn't know it at the time, but Chelsea was all the way over in New York. To make a long story short, after many emails back and forth with one of the most amazing dog lovers named Karen, my dad could not turn his back on Chelsea. So after a plane flight to San Francisco - this lucky girl now lives in beautiful Lake Tahoe. She's a feisty little sweetheart! 

Just yesterday, Kris Karr's website updated my dad and Chelsea's story. 

Look at them, sharing Rainey's bed together.

My dad, Karen and Kris collectively saved Chelsea's life. Every time I look over at her, or see her playing, eating, or sleeping, that's all I see...a little life that was saved. 

Truly - a pit bull, at that age?



Even over break...the laundry must be done, right?

But these two keep it interesting!

Kama used to dig through all the laundry, tossing it all around, until she found the dryer sheet. She would then rip it to shreds.

Right when we got Rainey, I was in tears to see her do the exact same thing...with every single load.

I have asked every person I know that has a dog if theirs does this, and all have answered no. 

Do any of yours?

Doing launder, or should I say...disrupting launder ~ is exhausting!


  1. I have been looking on Etsy for an adult sized minky blanket like Avi's. Can I come and curl up with her? I love that picture!


  2. Hawkeye used to lay in the warm laundry. :) Give Avi a kiss for me.

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous photo of Avi, Jen! She looks like a doll...she is a doll.
    And I went back to read your comment on my pie comment. Yes...the Double Chocolate Truffle was amazing! The recipe called for grated chocolate on top of the pie. Ok...I hadn't read it carefully, and I just had the chocolate and the white chips. It wasn't pretty, but I scattered them on top of the pies. Added a nice "chew" to the pie...but shaved would have certain been nicer. I will definitely make that pie again...store bought graham cracker crust and all. I'm fairly pathetic in the "pure" and "presentation" department.
    Nancy in the Midwest

  4. LOVE the photos of your dad's dogs! I long for my dogs to be buddies. It ain't gonna happen but I love seeing dogs so cozy! Pit bulls are some of the sweetest dogs I've known.

    Both my dogs LOVE laundry day -- but they don't look for dryer sheets, they just find SOME.WAY to lay in the warm laundry fresh out of the dryer. I usually do their load separately (the sheets for their beds and bath towels, etc., and try to let them have their way with the warm towels.

  5. What a wonderful story about your dad and Chelsea! I'm happy for both of them. Where there's love is a good place to be. Sorry you & Avi weren't feeling good :-(

  6. I've had so many dogs but none of them have done that to the laundry. I LOVE Chelsea. Pits are my fav. breed. So happy your dad saved her! Love looking at your pics and reading your blog. Im also a new fan of blow up beds. I've been displaced since the hurricane. My new home flooded so I'm renting an apartment a few neighborhoods away. I'm a bit prissy but I really like this bed. I never thought I could sleep on one of these. I like that yours has a head board. :)
    Take care,