Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ron & Rollergirl

Dave and I decided to travel back in time this year. We were really feeling the 70's, so we took a pause in that decade. 

I decided on Rollergirl, and Dave chose Ron Burgundy, as one of our favorite movies is Anchorman. For one brief moment, I almost changed my costume to Veronica Corningstone, but I decided I just had to try my feet on roller skates again!

I captured this picture at my cousin's party and I'm so happy I did, because it is my absolute favorite, maybe ever!

The Girls

The Guys

Dave just kills me in this picture.

I wish you could have heard him, he knows just about every line in the movie and can pull Ron Burgundy off like no one I've ever seen!!

This is what happens when my cousin and I get together...we get cross-eyed, bowlegged, and all googley!

Gotta get a close up of the psychedelic earrings...and there's nothing quite as sweet as being fed a cookie by The Hulk.

Ron Burgundy...the womanizer that he is.

He was using some of his best lines from the movie here. 

If you know the flick, you know which ones I'm talking about when I say the word - hiney.

Ron saying...

"Wait, wait, wait...I wanna be on you!" 

These crack me up. He was in character all night long.



I got my skates on Ebay. They are awesome! They are 1979 Vintage Sunrunner Mighty Lights. I had so much fun with them. I even skated through Walgreens with a 6 pack of beer. I instantly flashed back, and felt exactly like this....

I haven't skated in about 25 years, and everyone including myself thought it was going to be awful. We all based it on my track history of just about every time I wear heels, and well...normal life knicks, bruises and falls...but for some reason, I rocked the skates?!? Elementary school all came back to me. The Golden Skate, couples skate, skating backwards, in circles, rexing, even doing the splits, it all came back!! So, I have to Karen Carpenter once sang, well not exactly, but you'll catch my drift, my skating days...have only just begun. I just need someone to come skate with me.

Any takers?

If not, it's ok. I'll go it alone.

I'm totally cool with that.

Here's my plan...

I want to skate all through Costco, okay?

With my own music blasting.


  1. Ya'll are hysterical! I was laughing already and then as I scrolled down more & saw that Dave even had white shoes I just about died.

    And you look smokin' sister! I would have broken my neck on those skates.

    Awesome costumes! Stay classy! (that's the only line I can remember)

  2. That shirt, it reminds me of something, what is it? I can't put my finger on it. Hmmm.... I don't know, it seems like I've seen it before.... but it's yellow and white....I can't will come to me later I know it.


  3. That was such a great idea! Dave looked so AWESOME and you looked so GORGEOUS. I want some roller skates now! I loved the all school skating parties. So fun!

  4. laughing my arse off...FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

    "the womanizer' is my fav.

    Missed spins fast.


  5. The Golden Skate??? Why didn't I know you back in those days?

  6. Love these pictures! And, by the way, I LOVE SCOTCH! SCOTCHY, SCOTCH, SCOTCH!

  7. Mel (a different one than who you mentioned in a previous post, I am new here)April 4, 2013 at 2:02 PM

    I think we are long lost sisters. I was about to write on a different post how I love music and making pie too. But now roller skates! Ohh ya, I'd roller skate with ya.

    1. That's amazing!! Not many people make PIE!! PIE!! PIE!! Let's go skate through COSTCO!! ; )