Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bat Dog

I waited until the very last second before going trick or treating to put Rainey's costume on. I thought she was going to pull it off instantly, especially the ears. She absolutely loved it. Can you imagine, Rainey and I share a love of  Halloween too!! Who knew?!? She wore it through giving out all the candy at the door (the kids loved her), through going door to door to all the neighbors, and even kept it on after we got home. She never wanted to take it off. I think she thought she could fly!

At the end of the night, she even wanted to wear it to go to the bathroom, I had to finally draw the line somewhere!! 

She's the most amazing dog. Not that I didn't think so already, but I couldn't believe she wore her costume all night, even with ears that didn't fit her tiny little head, and that had to be jimmy rigged with a chip clip!!

And Dave thought he had a collar problem...


  1. She is so beautiful! I love Rainey. I'm not a dog person but I'd have one of her in a heartbeat.....if Valentina wasn't allergic.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, I was reading my trash (Us Weekly) and saw those initial necklaces that they advertise in the back (not that you'd know anything about that, lol) and I started thinking if you got one you'd have ARK spelled out, Avian, Rainey and Kama. For some reason that just made me smile. You know it's the little (weird) things.

  2. i do love rainey girl!!! she is a born superstar!! and yes i do believe she could fly....should you decide to launcher her :)


  3. Rainey is the cutest dog! I wish we lived closer so I could dog sit!

  4. what a sweetie!!! she's a better sport about her costume than most children I see

  5. What a little baby! I just want to kiss her doggie cheek. (I loved doing that with my labs.) :) That's not weird, right?