Monday, March 5, 2012

My Precious Pie

I blamed it on you. I even told people you were the culprit. I was wrong. I'm sorry. Even though I was exceptionally careful, and merely tasted each of your many delicious flavors, (with the exception of a tiny piece of the Triple Berry, Sour Cream Apple and Coconut Cream) I thought it was you. I couldn't explain it any other way. I just thought with how much more you've been visiting, it had to be you!

I did think it odd how suddenly and quickly it was approaching, but can you blame me for having a hard time putting two and two together? Not your fault. I'm sorry, once again, as you are the one who keeps me sane. You are the one I run to when all else feels unstable. Heck, you're the one I run to when all else is stable, too! With each ingredient added, you are the one that calms me though. I find a perfect peace with you. You are truly my savior.

You're right. I should have realized it was that damn twice daily headache medication I started on January 24th. You're right. I should have correlated the sudden weight gain with the fact that I doubled my dose on February 23rd. Correct again. I should have realized as I've been working out more, and eating less. It just wasn't adding up, but I didn't have the brain power to compute.

I should've realized that me without you is no good. And you without me ~ no good too. Our relationship has aways been the ups and downs, no sudden, or drastic changes. We have a mutual respect for each other.

I'm sorry I didn't see that little (very important) tidbit in the pages upon pages of research we did prior to me tossing one back. I'm sorry it took a more expanding thigh, and until this past Saturday at 2 am to connect the dots. I'm sorry it took me a full 38 days to see the light in that tiny, little device screen: sudden and rapid weight gain, slows metabolism, all my pants suddenly did not fit, rapid weight gain in the first few months, especially around the midriff, gained 14 pounds within 6 months, weight gain, causes weight gain, gained 8-10 pounds in 40 days, etc. You have to admit, from that smack up side the head, it has been nothing but see ya wouldn't want to be ya Propran-a-whatever!

I know my Precious Pie, it was a lose-lose all the way around. On top of the weight gain, the stinkin drug never worked. Even after I doubled the dose, I was still having to shove a needle in my arm to alleviate the pain ; (

Yes, I'm now going to try Topamax again...but I promise you, I'll be sure to read more carefully this time. Guess what...this one says it causes weight loss! Take that Proprana-yeah!

I love you Pie.

Please forgive me.

Don't leave me.



  1. not blame it on d-pi!!!!!

    sorry you are having to deal with meds that don't work (on top of all your daily endeavors)
    pvs that the topamaxx might work.

  2. You poor thing! When I am stressed, worried, anxious, I have constant headaches and neck pain. I tense my muscles when I sleep and don't realize it. Anyway, when I start taking my anti-anxiety medication it takes away my headaches because I stop tensing up. Just my experience, thought it may help. Good Luck!

  3. Something to consider trying. Accupuncture. I started using it for infertility but found it extremely effective in assisting in controlling other medical issues which totally react to stress. I have made the same suggestion to others with most having success. And I am usually the skeptic. Good luck.

  4. Accupuncture is a good ideas. It helped with the headaches when I tried it. Good luck with the preventative meds for migraines. It is kind of a pain to go through one after another to try to find something that works.

  5. Thank you so much for posting this! After I read your post, I started to connect the medication dots...still having migraines with a horrible weight gain...I am rethinking this propan$%$# junk!!

  6. Darling miss, have you seen a naturopath? I typically have excellent results with headaches (and yes, acupuncture can help too.) Let me know if you need any help finding someone. I can help a little but from a distance it's better to be under someone's care. Email or message me on facebook if you want! xo

  7. I sure understand the frustrations having health problems and the very medication that helps us also can make us miserable in other ways, namely that yucky weight why I hate Prednisone so much, but then it also helps save, my body is different, but I can mange thru life a little easier..a "little" Hugs to ya, you are not alone..