Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just You and Me

Baking the night away...

in our matching aprons.

Avi did most of the work. She did make me clean the whole kitchen though : /


  1. Good luck and lot's of prayers with you today.
    Love you and your family girl!
    Love Jess

  2. am thinking of all of you, hope the surgery goes perfect!
    on a lighter note I had dreams last night (ate way too much sugar before bed) I was making a pie, typical me fashion it didn't turn out etc etc etc. This just because making Benjmain's birthday cake to freeze yesterday was so irritating, I Hate cooking!

  3. What a great mother and daughter picture!!!!!
    My thoughts and prayers are with sweet Aviana.

  4. She knew how much you like to clean. :)