Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Said Goodbye Today

Dear Facebook ~

I was skeptical when we first met, I was extremely hard to get. I had my doubts about you, because I'd heard you'd been around…to everyone in town! You were persistent though, so I finally decided to give you a chance.

I can't lie; it was fresh and fun in the beginning. I suppose as all new relationships are. Although we were doing fairly well, with you, I could never fully let my guard down.

Over the years, we acquired lots of new and old friends together. For that, I’m truly thankful. Because of you, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity of becoming closer to both family and friends. How did you know how very important it was for me to know if one should have hit heavy traffic that particular morning? Or if another four, sure wish it were Friday! It would make or break my day to know if the other truly does, or does not, love the Grilled Cheese Animal Style at In and Out Burger.

In all seriousness though, I’ve enjoyed hearing and seeing the latest pub-crawl, a fully inappropriate picture from Halloween night, or just aspects of the world through others’ crazy sick humor.

I can’t help but notice, as your star has risen, you’ve changed. Things have changed. Sadly, I can no longer deny it. As of late, you've become a little too controlling. I happen to be one who doesn't like to be retained. You've become less of a love, and much more of a big brother.

My every move feels watched, tracked, and spied upon. Everywhere I look, there you are. I happen to be much too private a person for you. I prefer to share on my own terms. I’ve found mine to be vastly different from the ones you have in place for me. I’ve also noticed, you have a hard time listening these days. Yes, I love expressing my “likes,” but I’ve asked you repeatedly to please allow me to also convey my, “dislikes!” No is all you say. If I see another person speaking rudely about a stranger, who happens to shop at Walmart, I’d like to be able to quickly smack them with a “dislike.” It’s not just that though. There’s so much more, but at this point that’s neither here nor there.

Now, I'm not naive. I know in break ups a divide will occur within the majority of our friends. For those who choose to continue to check in, you can find me at - avianareese.blogspot.com or there’s always good old-fashioned email - forthehodders@yahoo.com. For those whom I lose in this break up, it has been nice seeing you, meeting you, and knowing you again. I wish you the very best this life has to offer. Take care, and most of all ~ be well.

My dear Facebook ~ I've heard about you through your exes. I know you get awfully offended, and do not appreciate being left. You can try to hold me, but I must go. Lucky for me, I have little left at your place. I’m sorry to say…our time has come.

At this point, there's nothing left to do, but bid you ado. I wish you happiness, but it's time to hit you with the deactivate button.



  1. Jen, you are so kind. You DO live in a way that if someone spoke badly of you nobody would believe it. Because it wouldn't be true. Me, on the other hand.......

    I guess I'm the yang to your yin,

    The soda in your gin.

    I'm the peach in your schnapps,

    A picture taker of bad photo ops (of Beya).

    Ok, that's all I've got.

    Love you!

  2. Many days I wish I'd leave Facebook in the dust, too. Watching my former students live their lives is such fun that it keeps me hooked.

    I was nervous about your post until you left us your email.....thanks for that! Your blog is so much better than any FB post!


  3. Facebook? What is this thing you speak of?

  4. Well I never did get into FB, I have an account with no infoe the wrong last name the wrong birthday. Benjamin's birthmom just let me know she was on it and I could find her if I wanted, so for that I will check now but other then that I have nothing to do with it.

  5. fb & i are have separated.....

    we took these past 40days of lent as a cooling off period. now that easter has arrived we shall see how are relationship-or lack thereof-moves forward

    as of yet the divorce has not become final.

    ...but sincerely i totally understand & appreciate your decision to give it the ax! ......see ya around the blog (and in email, too!)

    me ke alohas to you