Sunday, March 4, 2012


Can you explain where the nickname "Miki" came from?

That's a great question Stephanie! So much so, that you stumped us! After I read your question, I called Dave. We honestly have no real idea of where it came from. I flashed back to this post in hopes of figuring out where it came from. It confused me even more : ) 

I guess I should take this opportunity though to say how we pronounce her names. We are some of those weirdos who give their kid a questionable name, and then the majority pronounce it incorrectly. Aviana is pronounced ~ Ahhh-vee-ana. As you can tell, I'm not one that can type phonetically ; ) As for Miki ~ it's Me-Key.

Clear as mud, right? 

Thank you for your sweet compliments Stephanie!

Does Aviana like your pie?

Wouldn't that be funny if she didn't? Aviana does love pie. Sadly, she can only have a bite here and there. Sugar increases her seizures. When we give her pie, I have to say, "Heck, I don't always eat what's good for me, right?"

The trouble is ~ we can actually see the increased activity from it. Her seizures don't worry us, we are used to them and feel comfortable with the fact that they are not affecting her adversely, but at the same time, I don't want to increase them if I can help it. So...pie at a minimum.

Cameo ~ can you tell Valentina that was a great question!!

How do you get so lucky picking out your dogs?

I'm sure this next question was rhetorical, but sometimes I like to answer these. I have no idea how we got so lucky!! We surely didn't think we would be this fortunate, two times in a row. Our only criteria was a lab mutt in both cases. The first time, we wanted a yellow lab mix and the second time around we added in the black lab aspect, because it would've been too hard to have another yellow. I told Dave we're going to alternate for the rest of our lives. Black, yellow, black, yellow ; )

We also always want to get them from some sort of pound, or the like. I feel these dogs truly know where they came from, and appreciate you and your care that much more. I might be crazy, but I seriously feel it from these pound puppies, or ones that have had it hard. It's like people who've had it hard!

I never in my life thought I could ever love another dog like I love Kama. I'm happy to say I love Rainey that much. It's a beautiful thing, even though I still cry all the time and miss Kama with every fiber of my being. I suppose it's like what people describe in having another kid. Your heart doesn't divide, it grows?

I've seen the stickers and such, but can't find them anywhere. If I could ~ everywhere you looked, you would see this...

Eeekkkk!! I have searched so many times, and just finally found one. I bought it!!

This saying describes exactly how we feel about Rainey. She has given us as much, if not more, than we have given her. She is a blessing from above and I appreciate her love more than I could ever even try to explain.

When does Avi start school?

Her IEP was originally scheduled for the middle of February, but the main person came down with a mild case of Pneumonia. Unfortunately, he ended up being out for a few weeks. We finally rescheduled for this past Thursday. All of our and her doctor's paperwork is in, so they are now getting everything in order on their end. I'm sure Aviana will be starting by the end of the month. Maybe we'll give her a few days or so after her surgery.

The most amazing thing happened. The only thing that was truly holding me back was the fact that if something were to happen in the classroom, Aviana would have no way of telling me. I finally calmed with the realization that the same was true when we had in home nursing. Actually, in home nursing could potentially have been worse, because no one else was around.

Anyway,  the above was my biggest fear. That fear was immediately put to rest at the IEP. Aviana was in Speech Therapy for six months prior to the accident. Her therapist's name was Kathy, and Aviana loved her dearly. Avi looked so forward to Mondays because she would get to see, as she called her, Kaffey. Kathy released Aviana from speech therapy just two days prior to her accident, as she was all caught up. At the time, Kathy was so sorry to hear of Aviana's accident. She came to Avi's Welcome Home party from the hospital, and brought her gifts too. 

The day of the IEP, Kathy had heard them speaking of Aviana and inquired as to if it was her. When she found out it was, she stayed to talk to me for a second. Kathy will be in the classroom when Aviana is there and she will also, once again, be Aviana's speech therapist. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is ; ) Can you believe that? So amazing!

You show us your delicious pies, but no recipe(s) or step by step of making them. Please make a pie for us and show us how you make them step by step.

It would be my pleasure to make a step by step pie post for you all. If you have any specific suggestions, I would love to hear them ; )


  1. Do you have a coconut cream pie recipe?? We had the most amazing one in Hawaii and I've been dying for one ever since but haven't tried any recipes.
    Yay for Avi starting school! :)

  2. Aww!! You are welcome!!! I also have some dogs who adopted me (We met them at the animal shelter and they obviously noticed we were at risk of being screwed over in the game of life if they didn't adopt us) and we have some goofy names for them. Lucy is also known as "The Goose" and Snoopy sometimes gets called "SweetPea" even though he is a total dumpster diver.

  3. So excited for Avi! And that story about Avis's speech therapist choked me up! That is a total sign! I cannot wait to hear all about it! And from your last post, Lola says "Piiiicey" too.

  4. Avis?! Stupid autocorrect. Oh well, there is another nickname for Avi...Avis! No? We'll stick with Miki.

  5. Having Avi's former speech therapist in just the right place at the right time seems like divine intervention to me. I bet that will make this transition so much easier. I can't tell you how happy this makes me...for you...because I know how hard it is to put a little one in school.


  6. I would love a pecan pie recipe that only uses butter---not corn syrup or some other sweeetener. A bakery near us made them and they were wonderful, but they closed. As a special ed. teacher I am so excited Avi is starting school. She do great!


  7. I am thrilled to hear the news about Avi's school. It sounds wonderful!! It is amazing to me to see the way God uses all of our little stories to fulfill His Big Story. There is no doubt in my mind that He has made sure that someone she knows like the therapist will be there. May He bring you a peace that completely passes all understanding when she does begin this new phase of her life. I cannot wait to hear about her progress meeting new people and being exposed to so many different situations. As Grammy to two precious Guat. girls your family has always felt like an extended family to me. Blessings, Vicki

  8. Love your posts. You're the only person I've came across that loves dogs as much as me. Do you find it hard to have just one dog when you know so many are suffering? I struggle with this weekly myself. One of my dogs just passed. I have an 8 yr. old now but feel guilty not rescuing another. The extra work is what has me torn. Good luck to aviana in school. :)