Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend Update

Recently, I have been reviewing all of the new things that Aviana has been doing lately. These are all off the top of my head, so I am sure there is at least double what I am about to write.

* When you hug her or put your arms around her, she puts her hand on you too.

* The "kiss count" is up to 86.

* She is much more aware of her surroundings and while making all of the sounds, she will look wherever they are coming from.

* We were able to stop poking her with a sharp object and putting ice on her because she has been responding consistently.

* We were also able to stop shining a flashlight into her eyes. Her pupils are responding as they should every time.

* She has a toy that makes noise and when I sit it next to her, she stares at it and will move her arm to push the buttons when the music stops.

* On Saturday morning, she kept opening her mouth like she wanted to say something. Dave and I continuously kept saying, "Ahhhh." She tried like crazy to do it too. Finally, she was able to faintly say, "Ahhh." three or four times. That was an exciting day in the Hodder household!

* Her respiration has become greatly improved due to all of the masking we have been doing.

Although at a snail's pace, we are so happy for the improvements that Aviana is making daily. She has steadily been moving in a forward direction and I sure can't complain about that!

Did you know that Kama has a brother? His name is Zander and he lives right down the street with my brother. Avi has always loved Zander too!
Her beautiful protectors. Zander looks more like a security dog than Kama! Don't tell her I said that :o)
So sweet!
Kama has been trying her "paw" at Monopoly lately!
She's serious about the game and happens to be very competitive.
Lucky for me, she still allows her greatest opponent to love on her.
I did not have a picture for the top of my new blog or for the blog button, so in a panic I got Avi all ready and must have taken over 100 pictures of her. She was so tired of me taking pictures and it was showing.
For some strange reason I started having flashbacks of another day. This sentence is not supposed to be underlined, but blogger is driving me nuts, so I am leaving it!
After her lengthy photo shoot, she was more than ready for a nap.
Night, Night!


  1. Awesome news! She is such a little champ! and Kama playing Monopoly! LOL!! Too cute.. I am so excited about her eating real food now! Food excites me to no end and I am so glad that she is on her way to enjoying it again! Keep us posted! The pics are priceless!

  2. That's fantastic! She is one tough cookie.

    Have you tried some basic html formatting to see if that helps the problem? It's easier that it looks like at first. Try using < p > before your paragraph, and < /p > after. For each blank line you'd like to leave, just paste < p >< /p > on that line. (Remove the spaces between the brackets and letters - Blogger won't let me put HTML here.)

    Dave should be able to help, or we can always swing by or call to help, too. Here's a quick tutorial:

  3. That's awesome about the little steps!!!!

  4. wow is that a current picture of her sitting up in her cute little white dress? I had no idea she had come that far even though I follow your blog. Everything sounds slow but like it is goign great, and I'm so gla dyou don't ahve to poke her or any of the other things anymore.

  5. 86 congratulations on the 86 kisses. Woohoo!

    Per your earlier post, it's nice to see that you have sorted out a "slightly off site" but conveniently situated rehab. No mobile re-upholsterer required now.

    Take care,

  6. She's amazing and so are you and your husband! She is making great progress with all the hard work you are doing with her! I can't wait to hear what she's doing next!


  7. I have no help for you about the blog, but those pictures and her new accomplishments are so awesome I could care less what your font and spacing looks like!! :)

  8. That is fantastic news!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you all, and wow, you are already changing your program! Love to hear about progress, as it it so encouraging. Go Aviana!!!!!!!

  9. Wow! She is making great strides! To see her progressing so nicely is really amazing. She really is improving and that is all that we can ask for..thank yor sharing the adorable pictures and encouraging update! What a lucky little girl to have you for her mom.

  10. Remember this post!!! It's the little things that count...all working towards improvement! Keep up the amazing work!