Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Groundhog Day

Day in, day out, they are all the same, what feels like no variation.

Wake up.

Love on Aviana.

Begin the first of 55 maskings.

Take Kama out to the bathroom.

Feed Kama breakfast.

Give Aviana a bath, sometimes.

Brush her teeth.

Give Aviana medication.

Give 180 ml. of water.

Give supplements.

Change diaper.

Give Aviana a snack.

Start the first of her auditory therapy. Make 3 different sounds within 1 minute.

Feed the fish.

Put Aviana down the first of her inclined floors.

Wait at the bottom with lots of hugs and kisses (say a prayer that she gets down in 1 minute and not 20.)

Give Aviana lunch.

Start her reading program.

Mask her every 4-5 minutes until you want to put the mask on your own face and throw the timer out the window.

Continue with auditory and tactile therapy.

Give medication.

Give 180 ml. water.

Change diaper.

Give supplements. (Silently bitch about the fact that it is so difficult to split 2 capsules of powder, as equally as possible, into 3 little dishes. Continue bitching the entire time about how you are the self proclaimed efficiency expert and have yet to resolve this simple issue!!!!!)

Give Aviana another snack.

Think about some much needed blogging.

Sit on the phone with various entities which assist with my brain injured baby. Wonder if they wonder why they are hearing 3 distinct, different sounds every minute??

Continue with the inclined floor.

Wonder if I lined up patterners for this particular day.

Think about what we are going to have for dinner.

Say, "screw it, I don't have the energy to make dinner."

Change diaper instead.

Wonder how many things I have forgotten to do today.

Think about how much I love Gary Allan.

Wonder why.

He's on the road all year, he has been married 3 times, he has 3 daughters, he's 42.......

Realize I still love him.

Determine it's unconditional, what can I say?

Give Aviana dinner.

Think about some of my very favorite lyrics.

Continue with therapy.

Feed the fish.

Pattern her when Dave and beautiful neighbors get home.

Continue masking.

Feed Kama.

Give 180 ml. water.

Give supplements.

Race to finish up all remaining therapy.

Brush teeth.

Listen to the new Butch Walker for the 1000th time.

Wish I was a musical genius like him.

Give medication.

Give lots of hugs and kisses.

Wonder what's for dinner.

Who cares.

Feel exhausted.

Flip the TV on.

Fall asleep.

Wake up and do it all again.

Over and over.

Barely any variation.

They are all blending together into a hodgepodge (always wanted to use that word) of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and potentially years. The lines are blurred the edges have disappeared. They all run together.

7 days a week.

365 days a year.

Groundhog Day.......Avi and I know what it's all about!

Don't be jealous :o)


  1. Jen,

    I used to work with a little boy who was on a program from the Institutes. I would do his therapy on Saturdays, so his parents could get a break...other than to help with patterning. I can say that I have a tiny idea of what you feel. You are such a deticated mother to your sweet little girl. I hope you see some big improvments in the near future!

    Lisa (Northern KY)

  2. Fish? What fish? (I don't remember seeing any fish)

    Just make sure you don't give Kama the medication and take Avi out to the bathroom and you'll be fine. And don't ever forget the love, hugs and kisses! =)


  3. I don't remember any fish, either. :)

  4. Okay we always refer to Groundhog Day around here too. Day in, Day out. As I was reading your blog I was sitting on the phone listening to elevator music waiting patiently for someone to pick up the phone and schedule yet ANOTHER clinic appointment for Camryn. Do you think you could write my blog too because I just can't put my life into words the way you do. I may just put your blogs link into mine and everyone will know what I'm feeling, doing etc. Your my twin......I laughed out loud about the masking quote. Must talk soon!

  5. You know, I think the most annoying thing about all the doctor's appointments is the wait. Everyone is so booked up, especially for peds specialists. I just waited an hour and a half at the neurologist only to have to get up and leave after I got in the room. The monkey needed to be picked up from preschool. Now it's next week for the botox... woohoo.

  6. Geez, you guys. You are all a study in the beauty of human nature. Look how resilient and wonderful and loving and caring you all are. You make me laugh, and cry. Life throws lemons and y'all just get busy making lemonade. I am humbled. Jen, I've been reading your blog for a while but not commenting. I could not let this one pass. You, your family, your commenters and followers – I am humbled to know (of) you! I salute you.